Monday, May 01, 2006

Michael Arcuri Trading Cards???

I can't take it anymore - I need answers. From the first day that the Michael Arcuri for Congress campaign web site has been up, there's been this link entitled Trading Cards that leads to a page that reads merely,
"Michael Arcuri Trading Cards
Stay tuned for a fun new way to learn about the candidate and the 24th Congressional District!"

This is just plain weird.

Is this the ace up the sleeve of the Arcuri for Congress campaign? I don't get it. Are we voters all supposed to collect these trading cards about Michael Arcuri, like he's some kind of superstar?

I can picture it now: Two twelve year-old boys, sitting under a tree at a picnic table. One says to the other, "I've got the Herkimer County endorsement card." The other kid responds, "Cool! Wait 'til Dad sees that! I'll trade you two announcement speech cards and a jogging shorts card for that one, okay?"

Who thought this up? Really, I'd like to know names. Was it a political consultant? Someone in the DA's office brown nosing for a promotion?

What's worse than the hubris of thinking the the voters of the 24th District are hungry for a "fun new way" to idolize Michael Arcuri is the ongoing neglect of failing to actually produce these promised trading cards. The link has been up for weeks and weeks, but where are the cards?

The anticipation builds... will you be waiting in line when these cards are released?


Anonymous said...

Would you just shut up already...LOSER.

24 Independent said...

No, I'm not going to shut up.

What have I lost? Did I lose my chance to get an autograph on genuine, 1st edition, Michael Arcuri trading cards?

Silence Dogood said...

"What's worse than the hubris of thinking the the voters of the 24th District are hungry..."

The link on the Les Robert's site. Breakfast with Les.

Offering up chow with the candidate and never delivering is worst! What's the matter? Can't anyone scramble some eggs? Or is Les waiting on some free range chickens to come home to roost?

You'd better go ahead and eat without Les. The most important meal is conspicuously absent!

That's the Robert's campaign. It's leaves you starved for substance AND sustenance.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Les will be in the pack. The joker is reserved for him. The hardest part is picking out only one of the stupid photos of him that are floating around. They might have to do a collage. Overall, I would say Biggus has a nice collection we can borrow. I wonder if he has one of that startled look he must have had on his face when Al Franken didn't give him one minute to talk about his campaign. I'm sure the people of Iraq would love to elect him though. There's an idea.

Curious said...

I am waiting to hear from people on this site what they like about Mr. Arcuri. I've seen adjectives like "scrappy." I don't think that's enough to make me vote for him, although it might be a useful quality in a fighting cock or terrier. I see that someone thinks he's a "good speaker." What good does that do me if he's not speaking about what matters to me? I've heard that "everyone knows him." Outside of Utica? Certainly not where I live! We never even heard of the guy before January, and none of us has met him even now that it's May. Please, give me a clue. I'm serious. I feel like he's a blank slate and has been getting blanker since he announced. Is that why the DCCC favors him, because they can mold him any way they like? If Roberts leaves the race, why should I support Arcuri over, say, Ken Camera? Give me something, anything to grab onto.

Anonymous said...

Boys, boys, boys...

Would it be possible to trade some Arcuri cards for a breakfast with Les?

Obviously, they are both in the works. The question is what for and will it work?

The breakfast idea is similar to the afternoon tea or coffee hour meet the candidate thing. Roberts does need to get going with it or drop it.

The trading card thing is a new one to me...maybe one of the Arcuri folks can fill us in instead of being so knee jerk defensive?

Anonymous said...

I believe they are supposed to be about the district or something along that line. Probably to get voters in one area to know more about another part of the district. At least this is what I remember from when I asked about it several months ago, I don't think they are supposed to be about him.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if anyone out there cares to discuss just how exactly we are going to beat Ray Meier in November. Please remeber the vast difference in Rebublican to Democrat registered voters in the 24th district. I will be happy if either one of these guys can do that. I still would like to see Les and Mike hold an actual real life debate. Then we can all go and see what each one stands for and hear from them directly.

A Realist said...

Regarding Debates:

I hope Arcuri doesn't bother wasting his time and resources debating Roberts.

It's time to take the fight to the republican candidate. How about a series of debates between the eventual democratic and republican candidates; Arcuri and Meier.

The Utican said...

Mike Arcuri's views on the issues are available for anyone to view.

After studying them, I think you'll have to agree that Mike Arcuri is a step in the "left" direction.

Much better than having another GOP NeoCon in Congress.

Anonymous said...

What's to study over there, Utican? Those are sound bites, not issue positions. When is Arcuri going to start studying the issues and talking in mature, detailed language about where he stands? A paragraph is not enough.

Curious said...

Now that the DCCC is requiring 3 issues papers a month from their candidates (see, I imagine the Arcuri campaign will have to start actually thinking about issues instead of channeling Boehlert. Yes, Sherry was a good Republican, as Republicans go. No, Democrats in this district aren't going to accept a Democrat in GOP clothing. Over time, fence straddling leads inevitably to loss of b*lls.

Anonymous said...

Whether Arcuri deems it a waste of his time and resources to debate Roberts, as you suggest, or not isn't the issue at all. The issue is whether voters in the 24th District deserve to see debates, and the answer to that question is: absolutely. Bring on the debates, bring on many, many debates.

Roberts has solutions; Arcuri strenuously advocates for plans to come up with solutions. Roberts has concrete plans; Arcuri stands for making plans.

Debates will show this very clearly. Roberts knows the issues and problems, and he knows very specifically the best way to address and solve them. Arcuri doesn't know very much about any of the issues. At best, he can identify what the issues and problems are, and then insist we need answers and solutions. But any of us can do that.

Arcuri wants us to believe he's the best one to come up with the solutions. Why wait and see if he's right? Roberts has the solutions right now.

Bring on the debates. Early, often, everywhere.

The Utican said...

I guess that's the difference between "Anonymous 9:02" and me.

When a Democrat who has served the people honorably and faithfully for the last twelve years makes his position clear on an issue, I don't need to dissect his words.

For instance when Mike Arcuri says, "The Constitution protects an individual’s right to privacy. I support a woman’s right to choose.". I feel that he's made his views clear. I agree with his position.

By way of example when Mike Arcuri says, " And we need policies that encourage energy conservation. It would make far more sense to give tax breaks to encourage state-of-art energy policies for the future than to give tax breaks to oil industries to build new refineries which permit them to continue to profit from exploiting oil…", that is the way I see it to.

This statement assures me that Mike Arcuri wants us to be liberated from our reliance on imported oil and natural gas. He wants to help develop alternative sources of energy by using tax credits to stimulate their development.

I'm not going to go over each of Arcuri's positions. They're right there on the web site for anyone to read. He's made his position clear.

When a loyal Democrat with over a decade of public service states his position on an issue, I can take it at face value. That is sufficient for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that roberts has the answers either though, thus far I have not been too impressed by any of the candidates. I look to other races and just shake my head thinking about where we are going in this race.