Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Republicans Have Non-Position Positions on Iraq

I was amused yesterday to read the responses of the candidates for New York's 24th District Republican congressional nomination to the issues questionnaire sent out by the Utica Obbserver-Dispatch. It was fascinating to me to read perspectives so intensely out-of-touch with the real concerns of the citizens of the 24th District and of the USA.

Democrats Bruce Tytler, Michael Arcuri, and Les Roberts each did a much better job of providing appropriate, substantial responses to the questionnaire than the Republican candidates did.

The most entertaining part for me came in seeing how Brad Jones and Ray "Hello World" Meier tried to answer the question on Iraq. What they managed to do was to answer the question without offering any real answer at all.

Where do Ray Meier and Brad Jones stand on the war in Iraq? Their position is this: Someone ought to develop a position.

I'm not kidding! Here's what they wrote.

Brad Jones:

"I stand behind our commander-in-chief; however, we need to establish legitimate goals that we can measure our progress against."

Ray Meier:

"You can't rewrite history. We need to articulate a clear plan to stabilize the Iraqi government, turn the government and defense of their country over to them and start bringing our troops home in an orderly way."

Is this the best that Jones and Meier can offer? Their plan for Iraq is that someone else needs to come up with a plan. Sorry, but that's been the plan of the Bush Administration for the last three years: Eventually, we'll think of something... Any minute now we'll come up with a plan... We're turning the corner... And another corner...

Progressive Democrats in the 24th District are coming up with real, specific plans to get us out of Iraq. All the Republicans can do is pass the buck and procrastinate.

With the Republican position for dealing with the Iraq War disaster, it's like the Ray Meier for Congress camapign web site keeps on saying: All the answers are perpetuallly coming soon.


Anonymous said...

it seems to me that Meier is trying to run to the right so that he can solidify the conservative base in the district. My guess is that he is probably trying to take the conservative party nomination away from Jones so that the race in november is not a three way race. really, one of the worst thing that could happen to the republicans is if a third candidate was running from the right. what does everyone think about this? disagree?

Anonymous said...

That's a good question. How many republicans lean right? Will the Conservative line go to Meier because he's the institutional GOP candidate? Think of the Democrat problem Who has the most chance of getting Independence and Working Family. The Democrat candidate gets hurt if there's a 3rd candidate on the so-called left, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Brad Jones has a big head start on Meier. Why would you assume Meier is going to get the Republican nomination?