Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nobody Here But Us Moonbats

Take heed, 24th District Democrats. The right wing has noticed your strong activity in the effort to take this seat in the House of Representatives away from the Republicans, and it seems that they're getting worried. They're beginning to eat their own.

Responding to the news that Sherwood Boehlert may announce his retirement within the week, the right wing blog Gun Legislation & Politics in New York has declared that it has no more use for Sherwood Boehlert, and wishes him to be gone.

Poor Sherry Boehlert. The Republicans don't want him. The Democrats don't want him. No wonder he wants to retire.

That Guns & Politics blog takes serious note of the number of Democratic candidates lining up for the chance to defeat the Republicans, and seems to concur that it's a sign of growing Republican weakness here.

The Guns & Politics blog also takes note of this blog. The writer there says that this is a "Moonbat" blog. When a label like that comes from a right wing Republican, I'll take it as a point of pride.

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