Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Congressional Quarterly: 24th District Safe Now, But Opening Wide

For a good summary of the 24th district race in New York, written from an establishment point of view, check out an article published by Congressional Quarterly yesterday.

If Boehlert chooses to run, Congressional Quarterly rates the seat Safe Republican, but also states, "If Boehlert chooses to retire, though, he will set off what likely would be one of the year’s hottest open-seat contests."

Yesterday, in another step of that terrible political practice of announcing an upcoming announcement of the start of a process of deciding whether to make an announcement, Sherwood Boehlert announced that he has made a decision about whether he'll run for re-election this year, but is keeping his decision a secret for now, and will let the rest of us know in another announcement that will come in a week or two.


Anonymous said...

just curious. Do you have a link to where boehlert said he has made a decision and will announce soon or was it on the radio or tv? I have heard for serveral weeks that he may announce either the 15th (tommorow) or the 20th.

jim said...

how come you did not point out in this article that Congressional Quarterly said the following about Arcuri:

"Among the crew of candidates lining up to run if Boehlert doesn’t is a highly prominent Democrat, Oneida County District Attorney Michael Arcuri. He announced his candidacy Monday, immediately emerging as the likely front-runner for the Sept. 12 Democratic primary"

That seems like a rather significant statement to me from a well respected and most importantly neutral publication from D.C.

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

CQ says "Tytler has filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission, but did not return call for comment."

I'll wager that Tytler pulls out before September, perhaps long before, and turns his treasury over to his county committee without spending virtually any of it.

24 Independent said...

Keep in mind that Congressional Quarterly is written very much from the Inside-The-Beltway perspective of establishment Democratic politics. They know a lot less about what's really going on in the 24th District than they let on. I read Congressional Quarterly articles as a kind of measure of what the most institutional perspective in Washington D.C. holds to be true.

Please keep in mind that there's a lot from that article that I didn't quote. The reason? It's a long article, and I don't have the time to discuss every point that it brings up. I provided the link so that people could read it for themselves, and come to their own conclusions.

jim said...

you don't think that what the inside the beltway people think is important?

It is not everything, but it sure is something worth noting. You could preface it with "this is what CQ thinks". But it is certainly relevant to this blog. You do afterall quote the Guns and NY Politics blog.