Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Les Roberts campaign events in the near future

A commenter over at the Take Back Congress - New York blog, wrote in to say that I'm not giving a fair shake to Leon Koziol because, among other things, I emphasize the online portion of campaigning too much. That's rich, isn't it - someone coming to a political web site to write about how unimportant political web sites are.

Well, here's one example of why political web sites matter. I just found out about events that the Les Roberts campaign is having across the district over the next month or so, and can communicate that information to you right away. I can do that because Les Roberts has a campaign web site up. None of the other Democratic candidates do, so if a voter wants to find out about what those other candidates are up to, the voter has to track down a telephone number, and hope that they're lucky enough to get through.

Here's that information on the events planned for the Les Roberts campaign in the near future

Les Roberts to address the Lansing Democrats - Thursday, March 2, 2006, 7:00, Lansing Community Center

Les Roberts to attend a meeting of the members of the Democratic Rural Conference - Friday, March 3 at the Statler Hotel in Ithaca, starting at 5:30 PM

Les Roberts to attend the Rome Democratic Committee Dinner - Saturday, March 4, Paul Revere Motor Lodge on Turin Road, starting at 6:00 PM

Les Roberts to address New Hartford Democrats - Sunday, March 5, Community Building on Kellys Road, 7:00 PM

Les Roberts to address Ulysses Democrats - Monday, March 6, Ulysses Town Hall, Trumansburg, 7:00 PM

Les Roberts to address Marcy Democrats - Tuesday, March 14, Town Hall, 7:00 PM


Anonymous said...

I think the reason for the Mickey Mouse campaigns is pretty simple. They don't know what they are doing. They haven't hired experts who could tell them and I doubt either Arcuri or Tytler has been to any DCCC seminars to get it themselves. They think they are running Mayoral or DA level campaigns.

Anonymous said...

that could possibly be the most ignorant thing i have ever seen on this blog so far. mickey mouse campaigns..........i guess we'll see what campaigns are mickey mouse and what are night in a few months.

Anonymous said...

OK - if you aren't running a Mickey Mouse campaign, tell me how you are raising money, how much you plan to raise and when you think it will be done.

Congressional campaigns are more about mass media campaigns than any other factor. If you don't have the money, even God can't win a Congressional race. How are you going to raise the money?

24 Independent said...

Anonymous (#3): I disagree that congressional campaigns are more about mass media than any other factor - especially now when media consumption patterns are more scattered than ever.

From what I've seen from ALL the campaigns so far, there's a lack of imagination in embracing the new reality of media consumption. The campaign that can cast aside the old traditional models developed in the days when there were just four main television networks, and come up with a more fast and flexible strategy, will be well on its way to victory.

Alas, veteran campaign workers are reluctant to abandon the stolid old methods that have made them players. There's a great opportunity for a campaign worker in this race who's younger and doesn't have turf to protect, if someone can just be bold enough to seize it.

Anonymous said...

Les Roberts says 40% of his money comes from within the district. Is he counting his own money? Mike Arcuri has money from local people who live and vote in the 24th

Anonymous said...

Dear Arcuri supporter - If Mike Arcuri doesn't raise significant out of district money, he won't be able to run a competitive race. You simply can't raise a million to a million and a half bucks in the district and you can't win without it. Comments like yours lead me to believe Arcuri is another guy who doesn't know what it will actually take to win.

If a Democrat isn't raising five thousand bucks a day, day in and day out, you are wasting your time.

The greatest cause of failure of political candidates in Congressional races is a failure to raise enough money.

It really doesn't matter where the money comes from. If you don't have enough of it you aren't even in a competitive race.