Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's March Now. Retire at any time, Mr. Boehlert.

The Capitol Hill newsletter The Hill has finally caught on to the news that Sherwood Boehlert may be retiring. That's mighty valuable, up-to-the-minute, DC inside information they have there. Here in in Boehlert's district, news of a possible retreat has been in the air for weeks. It's one of the reasons that so many rivals, Democrat and Republican, have begun their campaigns. On Monday, the Post-Standard printed another article on the issue - with no new information.

A while ago, Sam Marchio, Sherwood Boehlert's spokesman, let people know that Sherwood Boehlert would let voters in his district know whether or not he will seek re-election in March. Well, it's March now, Mr. Boehlert. Why don't you just make the announcement, already?

I've wondered for a long while what was keeping Michael Arcuri from beginning his campaign in earnest. Arcuri started rumors in late November about his interest in running for Congress, but then December came and went, and January, and now February is gone, without any official announcement. Waking up this morning to find myself in March, I felt a little thought nibbling on my ear, and when I listened to it, it said, "Arcuri is waiting for Sherwood Boehlert to make his announcement first before he makes his."

Hey, I don't know anything about the Michael Arcuri campaign for sure, especially since Arcuri's professorial campaign advisors have neglected to return my emails, and when I provided my email to a member of the Arcuri campaign who asked for it here, it all came to nothing. But, I do have this piece of advice for the Arcuri campaign: Think two weeks ahead of time. If you're going to make an official announcement, try to have your web site up first. It takes between one and two weeks for a web site to get integrated into the databases of most search engines. The last thing you want to have happen is that, right after your announcement, your supporters get online and Google "Arcuri for Congress" and find only this site.

No, Mike Arcuri and Bruce Tytler still don't have their web sites up.

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Anonymous said...

I do not work for the arcuri campaign, although I support him in this race. However, I suspect that the website may be up within a week. Looking back on your previous promise, have your checkbook ready. Also, I look forward to your fair coverage of his website, with links and the like. Thanks.