Monday, March 06, 2006

Blog Up From Arcuri Campaigner

Readers, there is now another opportunity for you to get information about the 24th District race. Michael Arcuri still doesn't have his web site up, but someone who's working on his campaign does have a blog, and has written a couple of posts related to the Arcuri campaign on that blog.

The latest post, written a few days ago, skewers a campaign letter sent out by Les Roberts, picking it to nibbly little bits. It's entitled, Les Roberts wrote a letter to me and all I got was annoyed.

Keep an eye on MaiPolitics2Poetry for a good idea about the kind of tack we can expect from the Arcuri for Congress campaign.


Anonymous said...

It's official, you are a Roberts supporter.

First of all, after reading this, it is clearly not a campaign blog. It is an individuals personal blog writing about their daily life, this was one entry in that blog. Second, a lot of people in Oneida County were upset, if not confused by the blatant ommisions and falsehoods presented in that letter. It was clearly a hastily written letter that attempted to make it look as though Roberts in some way had the support of the Rahm Emanuel.

Back to your blatant bias toward Roberts. how come when you updated the one poll from New York Liberal you did not update the radio station poll??? Answer: because you did not like what the result was. I even wrote in a comment asking for an update on that just to see if you would do it.

That persons blog is obviously not an Arcuri blog and to characterize it as such is false and irresponsible.

Just come out already with your endorsement for Roberts.

24 Independent said...


You've got a real reading problem. I never said that the blog was an offical Arcuri blog. I said, "someone who's working on his campaign does have a blog, and has written a couple of posts related to the Arcuri campaign on that blog."

This person, on the blog, is self-identified as an Arcuri supporter who's working on the campaign, saying in one post, "it’s no secret that I’m supporting Michael Arcuri", and saying in another post that "I'm helping with a Congressional campaign again this year and since my Internet connection is much better now, I've been exploring more websites than ever to learn as much as I can about what's going on in NY's 24th Congressional district."

If I were a Roberts supporter, I wouldn't be offering donations to the Arcuri campaign and the Tytler campaign. I don't know enough about Arcuri or Tytler not to support them, that's the problem.

The reason I haven't updated the radio station's poll is that it's no longer an active poll. I'm a father of two kids with two full time careers going. If you think I've got extra time to provide updates on non-active polls, you're dead wrong.

As I have said in the past, when I have enough information to make an endorsement, you'll know it, so stop making "official" declarations about this blog without knowing what you're talking about.