Friday, February 24, 2006

Oneida County Democrats Ask Arcuri To Stay

I was referred to an interesting little blog yesterday. It relates to Michael Arcuri's campaign for the Democratic nomination for Congress in our district - and the campaign that he ended just a few months ago to be re-elected as District Attorney for Oneida County.

It's called Arcuri Stay Our DA!. As the name suggests, the blog represents what appears to be a growing movement among Oneida County Democrats to encourage Arcuri to drop out of the congressional race, and remain as District Attorney.

The person or persons who write the blog apparently feel that Mike Arcuri has an obligation to Oneida County Democrats to remain in the position to which he was just re-elected. The blog writes that Boehlert must go, but that Oneida County will be thrown into a huge political mess if Arcuri vacates his office to go to Congress.

The blog appreciates the worth of Arcuri as District Attorney, but casts its arguments rather in the language of a wife begging her husband to stay at home instead of running off after another woman. It's a got a point, though perhaps it plays the spurned good woman metaphor a bit much.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, I think the spurned woman metaphor works pretty well, in that it implies politics the way it's supposed to be, democracy the way it's supposed to be, i.e. it's the passion of people that puts a politician in office (yes, you have every ground to object to the alliteration)....there's an implicit compact there much like love...or at least sex: we work for you, so you can work for us. Voters need to believe it's mutual: we love and work for you, Arcuri, because you love and work for us. To see him prepared to throw all that over is precisely to realize one has simply been used. The metaphor of the first wife--the one who knew you when, who worked full-time to put you through school, who stayed home with the kids so you could prosper, the one, in short, who made you everything you are today....because it was a compact, because of the love, and security, and well-being you provided her....I'd say that metaphor works pretty well for Oneida County voters counting on Arcuri not to forsake them for a position he now feels qualified for precisely because of everything they've done to make him who he is today....Just like the man who abandons his first wife for the trophy he can now win by virtue of everything the first wife did to make him what he is....yeah, I'd say the metaphor works pretty well.

Anonymous said...

the word you left out of the headline was "Some...". Many OC dems love that he is running.

David K. said...

This all a bunch of hogwash. I don't know of a single Democrat that thinks that Mike wouldn't be an excellent replacement for Boehlert. The D.A.'s office is supposed to be non-partisan, and that is what has made Mike so good a fit for the job. As the statue of justice, he has held up the scales of justice not blindfolded as she is, but with his eyes and his mind open.

After his victory in the 24th district the next D.A. should be as impartial and effective as he has been.

Anonymous said...

That blog is a bunch of bull. Nobody in Oneida County wrote it either. It was dumped online in one day and designed to show up in blog search. The 'blogger' not only couldn't resist putting Les Roberts' name in the first paragraph, but I have been monitoring it since it came up and it is stagnant. It's just one more dirty trick that won't work in the end on Primary day, if there even is a primary.

There's another bogus blog too, called Not Michael Arcuri. The only activity on that blog is the owner deleting comments to keep it nice and "clean"...which is a pun for sure. No wonder we lost power in every section of the country, we slime our own, and that is exactly what these two blogs are intended to do. Nothing more. The Republicans don't even have to leave their houses at this rate. They can just sit back and watch us slander our own.