Friday, February 24, 2006

Boehlert, Boehner's Man

A few weeks ago, Sherwood Boehlert voted for John Boehner in the election for a new Republican leader of the House of Representatives. Do you think that he made his choice based on the best interests of the American people and New York State's 24th District?

Well, that's one interpretation - a generous one. Another interpretation is that Sherwood Boehlert was bought off.

In the last three and a half years, Sherwood Boehlert has received 15,000 dollars from The Freedom Project, a political action committee operated on behalf of Congressman Boehner. Three checks for 5,000 dollars each have been written out to Sherwood Boehlert's campaign committee.

That's far more than any individual voter from the 24th District can legally contribute. So, who does Sherwood Boehlert really represent - the citizens of our district, or an out-of-state politician and a political action committee headquartered at 111 C Street in the Southeastern quadrant of Washington DC?


Anonymous said...

Les Roberts's money comes from doctors and academics who have no connection whatsoever to the 24th. Let's be honest. Is it wrong to accept funding from people and groups outside the district or are you just critical of the source of our congressman's financing?

Anonymous said...

anonymous - yours is just another excuse from the Bruce Tytler campaign about their failure to raise adequate money.

Anyone who knows anything about campaigns above the mayoral level understands you need the big out of district money to fund a campaign.

A state assembly or state senate campaign needs albany fundraisers and nyc fundraisers. A congressional campaign needs nyc fundraisers and dc fundraisers. And a candidate needs to call on his or her friends and associates for support.

You may not like the idea that a credible campaign takes money, but it does. A lot of it. Bruce's estimate of $500,000 to $700,000 is way too low to succeed and probably way more than he could raise even if he was working at it full time. How many of his friends, family and colleagues have give him the limit lf $2,100 or even a thousand dollars already? Did you? That type of money only comes to exceptional candidates. It takes great conviction to make a contribution like that.

There are approximately 8 months or about 240 days left in this campaign. If you need to match what Boehlert raised last time, you need $1.2 million. That's something on the order of $5,000 a day, every day from now to then. Even a paltry $500,000 campaign would require $2,000 a day, every single day.

Don't think you are going to get union PAC money. It won't happen unless you can show huge progress in fundraising without it. And even then, the split in the AFLCIO was over this very issue. The dissident unions wanted to put their money into organizing locals and not into politicians campaigns. There will be less PAC money available.

So let's be honest. Either you don't know what you are doing or you aren't being very successful financially.

Anonymous said...

That was interesting, and I hope it made you feel better, but what does it have to do with the appearance that Blogger has a double standard when it comes to out of town money?