Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bruce Tytler considering "campaign to win"

I just finished speaking to former Cortland mayor Bruce Tytler on the telephone, and asked him to confirm the rumors that he is contemplating a campaign for the 24th District's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tytler said that yes, he is taking a look at running for Congress, and that his considerations are growing increasingly serious. He has a campaign together that is working together to gather the research Tytler will need to make his final decision, which he says will come in the next couple of weeks.

More than taking on any of the other Democratic candidates running in the district, Tytler had his focus on defeating Sherwood Boehlert, citing a "deficit of leadership" that is in dire need of remedy.

By the way, Bruce Tytler says that he is well aware of the rumors being maliciously spread about him over at the Syracuse.com discussion pages. Tytler says that it's all a bunch of old bunk, and said I could tell my readers so.

Tytler and I ended the conversation with a promise that, when Tytler makes his final decision, he'll give me a telephone call. Until then, I can leave you with the word, strongly expressed by Tytler, that if he decides to run for Congress, he will run to win.


Anonymous said...

Good for Mr. Tytler. The problem is with the Republicans and the lack of leadership. Nevermind the guttersnipes who try to bring the Democrats down.

Anonymous said...

So how does it feel to have Bruce Tytler lie to you? You'll see he already had signed and mailed this statement of candidacy on January 16, it was received (see page 2) on the 23rd by the FEC and posted on January 30th. Bruce had already declared his candidacy in filings two weeks before he spoke to you on the 31st and never told you he had filed as a candidate.


Do we really need another deceptive and manipulative politician representing us in DC?

Do we need one who doesn't really know what the district number is and did you notice how the "2006" was handwritten in? I guess he wasn't exactly sure when the election was going to be held even eh?

I don't know who the best candidate or the best representative would be, but I sure know second best or worse when I see it.

Anonymous said...

"Until then, I can leave you with the word, strongly expressed by Tytler, that if he decides to run for Congress, he will run to win."

He must have had his fingers crossed when he said that to you Jon.