Monday, January 30, 2006

Is There a Bruce Tytler Conspiracy?

This morning, someone calling himself or herself "Tytlerwatcher" left the following message here at the blog:

"You should check out the speculation about Bruce Tytler at the Cortland County Forum. It appears he is destined to run for Congress, gather donations, drop out of the race and give the money to the Cortland County Democratic Committee that can't raise money under Bill Wood.

Tytler was the one term Mayor of Cortland who spent his entire term tied up by a battle with the Water Board and accomplished nothing."

Rumor has it that Bruce Tytler is currently considering a campaign for the Democratic nomination to oppose Republican incumbent Representative Sherwood Boehlert in this year's election. Rumor, apparently, also has a bit else to say about Bruce Tytler.

I have seen this kind of idea discussed elsewhere on the web, perhaps by the same person, perhaps by someone different. At the discussion boards at, for example, I found the following comments:

"Rumors abound that Mr. Tytler running for congress is nothing more then a ruse to raise money for the politcal party locally. The rumor is that Mr. Wood and his reputation have reached the tipping point where anything with his name on it can't garner any real support. Political gamesmanship and his Pyric Democratic Committee aside, he can't get the real party faithful to give him the time of day muchless a monotary donation. The ruse is to have Mr. Tytler "run" for this congressional seat but only go through the motions, so as not to spend all the donations he has taken in. Before the primary takes place it is rumored that he will bow out of the race, finally realizing what any politcal student already knows, a Democrat can't win this seat. With the money he has left in his coffers, he can by law, legally donate that money back to the local Democratic Party i.e. one Mr. William Wood. The joke will be on all of those who thought that Bruce was a candidate of substance and principle and once again, Mr. Wood like a theif in the night thwart all people of any decency. Remember, this is just a rumor however, heard while dinning at a local eatery in the first block of Main St. at the begining of the one-way section."

Is there any evidence for some kind of conspiracy by Bruce Tytler to defraud campaign donors? I haven't seen any. What there is evidence for is a coordinated, but underhanded, attack in the style of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

This looks to me like a desperate maneuver by a supporter of one of the other Democratic candidates who is afraid that a Bruce Tytler candidacy would take away valuable attention. The attacks are clearly coming from a resident of Cortland who has a grudge against Democratic Committee chair Bill Wood.

To this attacker, I say: Whatever your agenda, this is not the way to promote it. If Bruce Tytler is not fit to represent the 24th District Democrats in the general congressional election this year, we will find that out when he starts campaigning. If Bill Wood is not to your liking, then gather up a group of Democrats who will support you, and make a run for his position.

Democracy works best in the open, not under the veil of whisper campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Hear Hear! But don't discount the possibility that the swiftboating is coming from a Republican who is looking to make trouble and throw mud.

SwiftboatsAhoy said...

BTW, Bill Wood's mother was the Republican County Committee Secretary of the corrupt Nassau County Republican Committee.

Oh yeah, I should also mention that Bill Wood was having an affair with Bruce Tytler's wife Carol when Bruce was Cortland Mayor. No, it wasn't a rumor. Tytler's daughter used to complain about it to her friends and the word got around. Tytler spent $600 to get a legal opinion on whether he could fire Bill Wood as City Clerk and then didn't have the balls to do it.

Tytler couldn't get enough votes in Cortland to be elected dogcatcher. If you want a viable candidate for the 24th, you should be looking elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is that beyond needing a candidate who stands above the crowd, and none of them have yet, you need a candidate who can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in individual donations to go with hundreds of thousands of dollars in PAC money. And you aren't going to get the PAC money unless you've raised the individual money and shown yourself to be viable. And let's not forget the division in the AFL-CIO was primarily over whether political donations were a waste of resources so that money may be tighter this coming year.

Which means a candidate who is spending hours and hours every day working the phones calling for donations. Why? Because you need to run a massive media campaign to get the attention of the voters and cause them to pull a lever other than that of their party. A massive media campaign takes money.

And for a Democrat to win, you probably need Boehlert to be defeated in a primary by a right wing nut so the mainstream Republicans vote for the mainstream Democratic candidate ala Dave Valesky. Walrath tried that a couple times with a resounding failure.

I don't see any of the Democrats doing any of that so far although Roberts has been making some contacts. Roberts problem is that he is unknown even in Cortland County. He needs to have a boatload of supporters from out of the district to give him seed money and he needs to do fundraising in NYC and DC.

At this juncture, the candidate with the best early reporting fundraising is going to get a lead by the publicity that will generate. Arcuri and Roberts are probably the best prospects to do that.

You are welcome to wonder what my motives are, but you can also simply accept that I am sick of self-serving politicians and bosses who never have the interests of the citizenry first in their minds.

Now, go find me a John Adams and leave the Andrew Johnson's alone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that this is swiftboating Cortland County style.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, it appears the buzz in Albany isn't that far off, it looks like someone’s trying to throw water on Bruce’s growing fire. What's interesting to this politico is that whomever has decided to put Mr. Tytler in their crosshairs has chosen a soar subject for many republicans in Cortland: Bill Wood. Cortland Republicans are still stinging from the '05 democratic landslide due in part to the great candidates and Chairman Wood's leadership. Hey, politics is politics and it’s dirty so I can see where the Cortland County republicans have noticed a chink in the armor where they can stick it to the county democrats. It’s sad that this is what we have to live with.

Anonymous said...

I am all for freedom of speech, but I don't think it's fair for swiftboatsahoy, most likely a Cortland County republican die hard, to post such things about Mr. Tytler. We the mass electorate have barely had a chance to really get to know this candidate and now look at this, the same crap republicans always pull when they are worried about a candidate. It is my hope that people will see this swiftboatsahoy for what he/she really is: someone running scared.

Anonymous said...

Let's re-cap swiftboatsahoy's boatload of bull. Swift doesn't like Bill Wood. Swift doesn't like Bill Wood so much that Swift needs to poop on Wood's mother, and Bruce Tytler and Tytler's wife and even Tytler's daughter to make sure everybody knows that Swift really doesn't like Bill Wood. Can we now turn our attention to taking back New York's 24th?

Anonymous said...

Bruce Tytler's comments to the Blogger say it all--this stuff is old bunk and he knows about it but it hasn't scared him off. I bet Bruce even knows who is jealous and unsuccessful enough to be posting here. MM BT KT AP can you hear me? Timmy your day will come