Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Michael Arcuri is a PAC Pet

Just who does U.S. Representative Michael Arcuri owe his allegiance to? The fundraising statistics for Acuri's 2010 re-election campaign so far don't look good for those of us who live in his district.

Congressman Arcuri has raised $101,555 in campaign donations from individuals so far. That may sound like a lot of money, but it's much, much smaller than the amount Arcuri has received from political action committees.

Mike Arcuri has taken $344,170 from PACs in order to fund his 2010 campaign - well over three times the amount he's gotten from individuals. The Arcuri for Congress campaign in 2010 looks to be a top-down enterprise, backed by insider interests, not the people Arcuri is supposed to represent.

mike arcuri PAC fundraising 2010


Anonymous said...

Seems like this group spends much time bashing Congressman
Arcuri instead of supporting him. Complaints about him taking pac money 3 to 1 vs individual donations. How much have regulars of this website donated?? You better start helping him unless you would rather get Republican Hanna cause that's just what you'll get. The reality is you need huge money to win (Arcuri spent 3.8 million in '06 vs Rebublican Mieir's 4.2 million). That's our system. I don't like it either. Way to much special interest monies (we need reform). Unlike Hinchey's district, a liberal will not be able to get elected in the 24th. Voice your opinion to his office or better yet him personally. That's what I do.

24thGreen said...

I don't think you understand. We progressives DON'T want right wing Blue Dogs like Mike Arcuri in Congress for the same reason we don't want Republicans in Congress.

Arcuri is corrupt, but even if he wasn't corrupt, his politics would be all wrong.