Friday, March 16, 2007

Mike Arcuri Relents on Iraq

The antiwar majority of New York State's 24th congressional district can be proud of itself this morning. As a result of pressure from our district's voters, Michael Arcuri has changed his position on the legislation to end the war in Iraq.

At first, Congressman Arcuri was standing firm with the rest of his right wing caucus of Blue Dog Democrats. Once Arcuri's pro-war position became known, however, his offices began to receive telephone calls questioning his judgment.

Now, Mike Arcuri has promised to vote in favor of the resolution to end the war.

If you called Arcuri's offices, good for you.


Anonymous said...


Do you have any evidence to support your claim that Arcuri was not going to vote for this bill?

NoMoreArcuri said...

Nice to see you're back Jon. I think someone else returned from a hiatus too recently.

I hope for the record you are paying equallky dilligent attention to Mike Arcuri's recent actions in Utica regarding his agreeing to cover a cop using a BB gun to get a confession from a suspect during a raid in 2002.

The cop walked, Arcuri chose not to prosecute... hmmm wasn't that an election year fresh on the heels of several recent Arcuri Scandals? Walter Washington, Desiree Case etc?

Arcuri, his office, and the UPD were taking heavy heat at that time, and Mike convieniently allows the Police Chief to slap the felonious cop with a "paper" 30 day suspension?

You seem to pick at his outstanding political gaffes, and I tend to pick on his ethical and legal problems.

Apples and oranges in the same fight to me...

Happy Blogging Sir.