Sunday, November 05, 2006

What kind of Democrat is a Boehlert Democrat?

"I always say I consider myself, to a large extent, to be the Boehlert Democrat." - Michael Arcuri

So Arcuri would have voted for the Iraq war, like Sherwood Boehlert did?

Mike Arcuri would have voted to give government-funded groups the right to fire people for not belonging to the right religion, like Sherwood Boehlert did?

Mike Arcuri would have voted to give President Bush the power to use the American military against the American people with HR 5122, like Sherwood Boehlert did?

Mike Arcuri would have voted with the Republicans to give a special tax break to millionaires like Paris Hilton, like Sherwood Boelert did?

Boehlert Democrat? Michael Arcuri sounds more like a Lieberman Democrat to me.

Look at who Michael Arcuri's campaign is taking money from, and you'll see why Arcuri is talking so much like Joseph Lieberman these days. Michael Arcuri's top ideological contributor is the New Democrat Coalition, an organization set up by Joseph Lieberman to promote right wing ideology within the Democratic Party.

Know what you're voting for on Tuesday, 24th district Democrats.


Allen Carstensen said...

You're right, Arcuri is a Boehlert democrat, but that beats a Meier republican. Let's do everything we can to get a Democratic majority in the House, and let's be aware that that is just the first step of a long hard process of restoring democracy.
Rahm Emanuel, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is a card carrying member of the Democratic Leadership Council which is the corporate friendly group of Republican lite Democrats, started by Bill Clinton. He fancies himself president one day. Why would he give money to someone like Les Roberts? In-order to climb his way to the top, he is helping to install more Republican lite Democrats in the House who will owe him favors. We have to figure out how to unseat him or suceed in-spite of him. There are progressive democrats that are doing well without help from the DCCC. Eric Massa has a good chance in the 29th, without their help. Let's ask Les Roberts to run again. I know it would be hard to unseat an incumbent, but it wouldn't be a wasted effort if it failed. A two year campaign of op-eds, blogs, websites, letters to the editor, and as much media attention as we could get, would be a great platform for informing the public about liberal principles, like peace, empathy, responsibility, equality, and fairness. It's not going to be easy, but we don't have to fight the British Army as our founders did, or lynch mobs as blacks struggling for equality did.

Anonymous said...

What about all the money he got from ActBlue and Not exactly conservative organizations, those.

Anonymous said...

Well Jon, all I know is Bill Clinton and Mario Cuomo both called me asking me to vote for Mike Arcuri. If he's good enough for them, he's good enough for me.

24 Independent said...

No, no, 6:39. You got a call from Mario Cuomo and Bill Clinton's robots. I got those tape recorded messages for campaigns all day yesterday, and they were a royal pain in the neck. It's beyond me why people think that automatic telephone machines are a good campaign tool. If a campaign isn't willing to have someone call me in person, and they use a machine instead, that leaves me cold.

As for ActBlue and MoveOn, they're not really progressive organizations so much as they are Democratic Party booster organzations. MoveOn is raising money for Baron Hill in Indiana, for goodness sakes.

Every now and then MoveOn does something useful, like its work before the Iraq War, but it doesn't hold Democratic candidates to account. Raising money for politicians who supported the war kind of defeats the purpose, unless the purpose is just to promote the Democratic team.

Anonymous said...

Just remember Jon, whatever ill you think of a Democrat, the Republican sinks lower. In the 19th, the Republicans are using an autodialer that porports to be for John Hall, but ends up making him look bad and then recalls you up to seven times making you think his campaign is hounding you for votes.

It's nice to fancy yourself rising above it in a third party, but even the WFP and the Greens are slugging it out with each other.

This is the most brutal, ugly year I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of them in politics. Not only are the Republicans corrupt, but they are desperate for power and have virtually no ethical bar to sink under.

The difference between the Democrats and Republicans may be the Democrats have folks who will try very hard to keep them on the correct path, people like you and Allen, as opposed to the Republicans where the lust for power overwhelmed their good sides.

I still think we need to have a Democratic majority just to protect us from the Bushies suspending the Constitution before the next Presidential election on the basis of national security. Yeah, we're that close to the edge of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Sabato's Crystal Ball, November 6 final calls.

Anonymous said...

Allen -
need to recheck your facts. In the last month the DCCC as well as Rahm Emanuel have dumped big money into the Massa campaign.
Bottom line - two party system, you're in or your out.

Anonymous said...

Read all about the NRCC repeat robocalls. Pathetic bastards will stop at nothing to win.