Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ray Meier, Mark Foley, and Mike Arcuri All Wrapped Up WIth a Kinky Bow

It's time to talk about the biggest campaign issue of this election season: The Mark Foley sexy email homoerotic page-turning scandal. It's the most policy-free issue of the year, and so, naturally, the mainstream media have been talking about it non-stop.

Michael Arcuri is certainly doing his part to keep that talk going. The Arcuri for Congress campaign has been doing its darndest to connect Ray Meier to Mark Foley, and drag Meier down to defeat with the ghosts of congressional pages past hanging around Meier's neck all the way. Mike Arcuri complains that Ray Meier took donations from Republican organizations that in turn took donations from Mark Foley.

It's a two-degrees-of-separation thing. Though Mark Foley works in the Congress in Florida and in Washington D.C., and Ray Meier works as a state legislator in Utica and Albany, we're supposed to come to the conclusion that somehow, Ray Meier is partially to blame for Mark Foley's sexual advances on vulnerable teenage boys.

By these rules of guilt-by-association, Michael Arcuri has some answering of his own to do. You see, just before the scandal broke and Mark Foley resigned from Congress, he voted in favor of the Military Commissions Act.

You remember the Military Commissions Act, don't you? Sure you do. It was signed into law just two days ago. It revokes habeas corpus, ends enforcement of the Geneva Conventions, legalizes torture, gives the President power to imprison anyone that he declares to be an "enemy", trashes our justice system by creating an alternative system of kangaroo courts, and gives legal amnesty to war criminals. In short, the Military Commissions Act is even more kinky than Mark Foley.

Now, as Mike Arcuri has drawn the connection between Ray Meier and Mark Foley through a money trail, let's draw the connection between Michael Arcuri and Mark Foley through the legislative trail.

Political equation #1:

A. Mark Foley donated money to the National Republican Congressional Committee.
B. Ray Meier accepted money from the National Republican Congressional Committee.
C. Therefore, Ray Meier accepted "tainted Foley money"!

Political equation #2:
A. Mark Foley supported the Military Commissions Act.
B. Michael Arcuri supported the Military Commissions Act.
C. Therefore, Michael Arcuri supports a tainted Mark Foley agenda!

What, you think that this argument isn't fair? If you reject one political equation, you have to reject the other. They use the same twisted logic, after all... Or do you kind of like it twisted?


Anonymous said...

Same logic says that bin Laden opposes the MCA. You oppose the MCA. Therefore, you must support bin Laden.

24 Independent said...

Duh, anonymous. It's bad logic. I know that. Get the point?

Except, you make it even worse.

No one knows that Osama Bin Laden opposes the Military Commissions Act. He hasn't commented on it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a kinky bow, leave Arcuri out of it. He's no sex hotline hottie. only that perv Hannity would say so.