Sunday, October 01, 2006

Is Mike Arcuri's Failure on HR 6166 Just One Issue?

In a comment to an earlier article, a reader asked how I could oppose the candidacy of Michael Arcuri just because of "one little issue".

That so-called "one little issue" is Mike Arcuri's support for HR 6166, the law that gives President Bush the powers of a dictator.

Is that just one little issue?

Well, it certainly isn't little.

The impact of HR 6166 is worse than McCarthyism, because instead of happening in a committee hearing that's open to the public, it all goes on behind the scenes, in secret, where there is no chance to bring it under control. This law represents an unprecedented threat to our democracy. Think on the scale of Jim Crow, on the scale of slavery, and you'll get a good idea of the huge size of the problem. America will have to work for a generation to overcome the impact of this one law - if we ever overcome it at all.

It isn't one issue either.

The danger of HR 6166 is that it deals with so many issues at one time. It's a comprehensive bill that attacks American liberty in a huge number of ways, making it impossible for America's traditional standards of decency and fairness in the legal process to withstand the onslaught.

The following are just some of the many serious issues related to Michael Arcuri's support for HR 6166.

  • Establishing kangaroo courts
  • Allegations of Michael Arcuri's disregard for civil rights as District Attorney
  • Torture
  • Revoking habeas corpus
  • Scapegoating foreigners
  • Secret CIA prisons
  • War Crimes
  • The integrity of Internet communications
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Conviction and punishment without any trial
  • The future of freedom in America
  • Voting against the will of the majority of Democratic voters, and the majority of Democrats in Congress
  • Privacy in our own homes
  • Legal amnesty for war criminals
  • A Democratic politician supporting George W. Bush
  • Rape of prisoners
  • Bringing the suspicion of dishonor to American soldiers (you know, the "troops")
  • The Iraq War
  • America's tarnished reputation in the world
  • Michael Arcuri's servitude to the DCCC
  • The equation of dissent with terrorism
  • Imprisonment without any trial at all
  • An end to the presumption of innocence
  • Unrestrained presidential power

    By supporting HR 6166, Michael Arcuri has put himself on the wrong side of all these issues... and more.

    One little issue? Not by half.

    Allen Carstensen said...

    Observers of politics have noticed that stunning news events tend to surface just before elections because they can swing the vote. This is called the October Surprise. On 10/29/04 a scary video of Osama was released which focused attention on Bush's "War on Terror" and gave Bush an advantage over Kerry. We worry this time of year, therefore, what tricks Karl Rove has up his sleeve. Well, he has out done himself. He sent Bush and Cheney with their caravans of black SUV's up to capitol hill to twist arms and pass legislation promoting torture and destroying the Bill of Rights. The timing was perfect. The Democratic Party fell into his trap. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee told congressional candidates in close races that they had better support the president's legislation or they would be painted as weak on defense and lose their races. The democratic candidate in my district obeyed. The next day I went to a small meeting of progressives in my town. Everyone was furious that our democratic congressional candidate had endorsed the legislation. They were discussing how, not only could they not vote for him, but how we had to protest his campaign appearances!
    So, the evil genius, Karl Rove, has won the trifecta. 1) pass the worst bill in my lifetime 2) force Democratic candidates to abandon their principals 3) morph progressives into an army that attacks Democratic candidates.
    34 Democratic members of the House (and I don't know how many candidates) crossed party lines to vote for the presidents bill. They think they will gain votes by this move, because they assume the public's highest priority is homeland security. They are underestimating us. I know that we stand to lose much more buy following the course charted by the Bush administration than we would ever have lost from terrorist attacks, and by following this course we increase the likelihood of more attacks in the future.

    24 Independent said...


    You can't blame Karl Rove for Michael Arcuri's support for torture, for the repeal of the Geneva Conventions, for kangaroo courts, and warrantless searches of our homes, and for the revocation of habeas corpus.

    Michael Arcuri is the one who made the choice to support this.

    The responsibility lies with Michael Arcuri.

    I don't hear you defending a single part of this bill, Allen. I don't see you saying that Michael Arcuri did the right thing.

    Michael Arcuri said he would help Karl Rove. That's what's got you so angry, I think. It sounds to me like you feel betrayed by Arcuri as much as I do.