Friday, October 06, 2006

How Many Arcuri Democrats Turned Out For Protests Yesterday?

There were protests against Bush and the Republican agenda across the nation yesterday. I went to a demonstration where I'm working - in Chicago.

So, I'm just curious...

All you Democrats who say that you don't like how Michael Arcuri has joined forces with George W. Bush to support the pro-torture anti-freedom Military Commissions Act, did any of you bother to attend one of the gatherings?

Have you actually done anything to speak out against the new low standards for liberty and justice in America?


Anonymous said...

Did a protest happen in the 24th Jon?

The only thing I read is Bush hammering the heck out of Democrats in the South and West over their opposition to this. I don't see an effective counter.

24 Independent said...

Protests happened in several places easily accessible to people in all parts of the 24th district.

Didn't show?

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything in the Ithaca Journal Jon. Rochester only had 150 protestors.

I'd say a vote for Democrats will be a far more effective protest in November.

Anonymous said...

Look Jon - as many people got busted for Food Stamp fraud in Binghamton as showed up for the protest in Rochester.

I don't see this issue winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

24 Independent said...

Yeah, 12:29, except for the important detail that the Democrat, Michael Arcuri, supports the core of the Republican agenda.

24 Independent said...

So, if the Democrat supports Republican policy, it's really not a protest against Republicans to vote for the Democrat.

Anonymous said...

You're right Jon. One issue, one Karl Rove issue, defines the whole election and each candidate.

Go ahead and get Ray Meier elected. Maybe he'll do you a favor and not put you on the TSA no-fly list for stopping your 30 reasons not to vote for him.

24 Independent said...

Karl Rove didn't force Michael Arcuri support to this wicked law. Michael Arcuri made the decision. Now, you and Arcuri are following Karl Rove's plan.

Don't blame Karl Rove for that. You and Michael Arcuri can make your own decisions.

When asked whether I'm going to vote for totalitarian #1 and totalitarian #2, my answer is that I'm not going to vote for either.

So then, am I to understand that none of the Democrats who are coming here complaining about my criticism of Michael Arcuri actually bothered to turn out yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Well Jon, I didn't see there was any protest in the 24th, but it doesn't really matter. The time for protest is over, has been over. It's time to get the votes.

You are following Karl Rove's plan to peel voters away from Democrats. Fortunately, Mike Arcuri is probably going to keep some Republican votes he would have lost and this one issue might have tipped the election in Ray Meier's favor.

This will actually be my last post on your blog since you have become irrelevant.

allen Carstensen said...

Jon, I admire you for participating in the World Can't Wait. I wanted to go. There was an email waiting for me when I got back from work that said there was an event in Ithaca that I hadn't known about - It wasn't on the World Can't Wait website the day before. I would've gone - I promise. I'm ashamed. I think these kind of protests can have a powerful effect. They say that Nixon was moved by the Vietnam War protests.

Here's my penance. - I decided to help the Arcuri campaign out. I've written a draft of a letter he could post on his website.

Last week, the House and The Senate passed legislation crafted by the Bush Administration, called the Military Commissions Act of 2006. I was asked on friday at a campaign appearance, if I supported this bill. My initial reaction was that I would have voted in favor of this bill, because I am an advocate for a strong defense, and I do not want to inhibit the ability of our government to wage an effective war on terror. I should not have responded to the question, without taking the time to study the legislation. Now that I have had time to look it over I must change my position. This bill allows for the legalization of torture, the end of enforcement of the Geneva Conventions, the withdrawal of habeas corpus rights, and the institution of the power of arbitrary imprisonment by the President of the United States.
Benjamin Franklin said "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" We do not need to give up our essential liberties now. During the War of 1812, the British invaded and burned the White House. Then president James Madison, did not see the need to curtail the rights of we the people. It is true now, as it was then, that there are people in this world that want to do us harm, but we must not allow them to scare us into abandoning the principles that make this country great.

I swiped a line from your latest post

Everyone is welcome to suggest changes. I'll send it to him soon.

allen Carstensen said...

Jon said "You're wrong, by the way, about this district's voters and Bush. The polls have clearly shown that a very large majority reject Bush and don't trust him."

It's really more about Arcuri vs Meier. So, you should know there are 165,000 registered republicans and 126,000 registered democrats and 64,000 unaffiliated voters. He has to be a clever politician to win.

Anonymous said...

Jon, let's say you're right about Arcuri on military commissions. Why should this issue trump everything? Why is it more important than say a woman's right to choose? If Meier has his way, he would criminalize abortions and punish the women who have them and the doctors that perform them. Is that utterly unimportant to you? You seem to be willing to overlook that Ray Meier is wrong on this and many other important issues in order to satisfy your pique at Arcuri.

Frederick said...

I've particpated in everything from the protest at the RNC through the March on D.C. that happened around this time last year. No one listened. We had 400,000 people in the streets of D.C. in front of the White House, and maybe 30 seconds on CNN. So I don't go anymore.

This is the only way. Unless you want to break out the muskets and meet down in the town square.

publius said...

fredrick, you have to see the humor in the image of a bunch on pro-gun control liberals launching a revolution.
With that said, before my father died, one of the things he always was thankful for was that he had seen, over the span of his life, the continuity of the American republic. I'm afraid I won't be able to do the same. I think we're going to see up risings against the government if things continue on their present course. Our Decleration of Independance mandates it.

Mike Sylvia said...

Sorry to be so late in here with the info. Yes there was a protest in Ithaca. I was there with 30ish dedicated moral people. As far as I can tell, most have long written off the Dems as a choice.

Peace and Freedom

Frederick said...

Because I attended a protest, that makes me Libral? Anti-gun? I suppose Anti-military too. ROFL.


24 Independent said...

So, it is as I thought. Not a single pro-Arcuri Democrat bothered to do anything yesterday. Not a single one bothered to come out to the protests against Bush and the Republicans.

This is what I'm noticing about pro-Arcuri Democrats: They expect their politicians to do all the work for them -- and believe that we have an obligation to support those politicians.

That's not how I think of citizenship.

Oh, and Frederick, if 400,000 hadn't shown up to that protest, it wouldn't have gotten even 30 seconds on CNN.

By the way, I was at that protest, and paid attention to the media coverage. It got a lot more coverage than that little bit on CNN.

You should stop relying on junk food news like CNN for your vision of reality.

Frederick said...

If I had been relying on the MSM for my version of reality, would I have shown up for a protest in the first place? I don't go anymore because it's
become just an exercise in futility by those that want to somehow expunge their conscience. That's what I see with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I wasn't there. I was working. Some of us have to do that.Besides, unless a protest is huge it never has much impact. A hundred thousand people is a protest. 100 people is a traffic distraction.

24 Independent said...

Yeah, and without you, that 100 person protest turns into a 99 person protest - even less effective.

I had to work that day too, but I went to the trouble of finding a protest that was still active after work. You couldn't be bothered to do the same, huh?

And still you're going to come on here and tell me I have the duty to vote for Michael Arcuri, who works against everything that I believe in as a Democrat? Sorry, but your credibility just dropped through the floor.