Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Vote for Ray Meier is a Vote for Bush

Reason #11 to Not Vote for Ray Meier: A Vote For Meier is a Vote For Bush

I've said it before, but not as part of this list of 30 reasons to not vote for Ray Meier, so I'll say it again: A vote for Ray Meier is a vote for Bush.

Everyone knows what's going on with the visit of Laura Bush to hold an elitist soiree fundraiser with Ray Meier, with tickets going at $1,000 and $2,000 a pop. The numbers show clearly that a huge majority of likely voters in our district think that George W. Bush is a terrible President and has taken America in the wrong direction. Yet, Meier's base still adores Bush.

Ray Meier can't have President Bush himself here, or he'll lose the independent and moderate Republican swing vote that is essential to his campaign. He can, however, have Bush's wife come into town. It's not polite to criticize the President's wife (though Republicans did it throughout the 1990s). Heck, even I won't carp on Laura Bush here.

However, I will point out what the visit makes clear: Ray Meier is George W. Bush's man. That's the message Meier is sending to his political base with the visits of Laura Bush and Dick Cheney: Don't worry, I'm one of Bush's Republicans.

Vote for Ray Meier, and you vote for a man who will vote to support Bush's agenda of failure in Congress.

Vote for Ray Meier, and you might as well be voting for Bush. We've seen that mistake made two times too many already. We must not repeat it this year. That's reason #11 out of 30 to NOT vote for Ray Meier for Congress.

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