Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ray Meier Supporters Love Rick Santorum

Reason #12 to Not Vote for Ray Meier: Ray Meier Supporters Love Rick Santorum

Ray Meier tries to portray himself as moderate, but the nature of his supporters belies the radical nature of his campaign.

Consider this: Ray Meier's supporters are avid fans of Rick Santorum. Consider what our local far right wing blog, Sounding the Trumpet, has to say about Ray Meier and Rick Santorum:

On Ray Meier: "Boehlart was probably one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress. He voted several times against the ban on partial birth abortion, and got a %100 rating from NARAL for 2005 and 2006. Club for Growth tried unsuccessfully to oust him during a primary by supporting his opponent David Walrath the last two elections. However, now we finally have a candidate that conservatives can be proud of — Ray Meier. He’s prolife, been endorsed by the Republican Study Committee and New York’s Conservative Party."

On Rick Santorum: "Rick Santorum has been one of the strongest voices for family, traditional values and the war on terrorism in the Senate. As one of the top three leaders of the Senate, he has not only articulated conservative values but also been able to effectively advance the conservative cause."

There you have it from a Republican voice itself: Ray Meier is no Sherwood Boehlert. On the contrary, the right wing activists are excited because Ray Meier promises to be more like Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum is the extremist Senator from Pennsylvania who has proposed sending gays and lesbians to prison - just for being gay. Santorum takes anti-government hatred to such an extreme that he's proposed a bill that would forbid the National Weather Service from offering free weather forecasts to Americans - because he thinks that doing so would be too socialist.

The same right wing blogger who praises Rick Santorum and Ray Meier is also an enthusiastic proponent of Intelligent Design, a new form of Creationism that denies the reality of biological evolution through natural selection. It seems that if you support making science education into a prop for religious instruction, Ray Meier is the candidate for you.

That extremists of this sort are itching for Ray Meier to be elected to the United States House of Representatives ought to give us pause. We don't need another Rick Santorum on Capitol Hill, and that's reason #12 to NOT vote for Ray Meier.


Anonymous said...

Rick Santorum has this inner struggle you know. That is why he doth protesteth too loudly methinks.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Santorum get attacked by the Club for Growth in '02 and '04 for being too moderate(in fact I believe Steven Moore had Santorum as their #1 target in both elections and the current head of CFG is Pat Toomey, the man that lost in the primary to Santorum)? I am not sure about this blogger, but to call Santorum a conservative is a bit crazy.

24 Independent said...

To call Santorum a conservative is a bit crazy?

You know, I didn't use the word conservative myself, and there's a reason for that. There is no such thing as a conservative anymore, really. There is no consistent conservative ideology.

There are right wingers, and a right wing agenda that's pretty consistent, and frighteningly so. Santorum is definitely a part of that.