Friday, September 01, 2006

Ray Meier Says Continue Iraq As So Far

Republican Ray Meier wants to be our representative in Congress. Is he qualified? Some say that his time in the New York State Senate is qualification enough - though with Ray Meier's help, our State Senate has been rated as the most disfunctional in the nation.

I say that we look at the more basic qualifications. For example, is Ray Meier in touch with reality? A congressional representative, if he's going to actually represent us, has to know what reality is so that he's not just representing some kind of fantasy that he's made up in his head.

Sadly, Ray Meier doesn't seem to meet this basic qualification. On the most important issue of the day, that mess of the war in Iraq, Ray Meier is living in a land of pure fantasy. Here's what Ray Meier had to say about the Iraq War this week: Meier said that ending the war would be a mistake because "we need to suppress independent militias and outside insurgents, as we have been so far."

When I saw Ray Meier saying this, I had to hold my head in both hands in order to prevent myself from screaming. The problem with what the Republicans have been doing in Iraq is that we have not been able to suppress independent militias and outside insurgents. See, the Republican plan has been a failure for over three years now. Three years into this mess, it just keeps getting worse.

When Bush got America into Iraq, there were no independent militias and outside insurgents to suppress. None. The war has created them, and our efforts there have only increased the numbers and powers of the militias and insurgents.

So, Ray Meier tells us that we should just continue the Iraq War "as we have been so far". What has the Iraq War led us to so far? While we slept last night, an attack by those same insurgents that Ray Meier claims we have been successful in suppressing killed 64 civilians and wounded hundreds in just a matter of 30 minutes.

Wake up, Ray! The Iraqi militias and insurgents are not suppressed. America can't just keep on going down the same road of increasing death and destruction.

This violent insanity needs to be stopped, and Ray Meier has proven that he has no clue about how to do that. Heck, Ray Meier doesn't even understand that there's a problem.

Why doesn't Ray Meier go to Iraq and visit the families of those 64 people killed in a half hour in Iraq last night, and then come back here and tell us there's no problem?

If the Iraqi militias and insurgents are really suppressed, as Ray Meier says they are, it ought to be safe, right? Go on, Ray. What do you have to afraid of?

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