Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Working Families Party Ad for Mike Arcuri

Hats off to the Working Families Party - those folks seem to be working harder to elect Michael Arcuri than the Democrats are. Anyone who ever said that the progressives don't amount to much in this District ought to be eating their hat right now.

As Carrie Berman from the Working Families Party Take Back Back Congress - New York campaign is wrapping up a series of meetings around the district this week, the Working Families Party is also putting advertisements up on radio stations that slam the Republican Party's crass poison pill attack on minimum wage legislation.

The text of the message is below. You can also hear an MP3 of the radio ad on the Working Families web site.

"There they go again... Instead of just raising the minimum wage, the Republicans in Congress are playing more political games. Last week they said they’d raise the minimum wage but here’s the catch: it has to be coupled with a big inheritance tax cut for the very rich. Make that the very, very, very rich. Because only the 8,000 wealthiest families in America qualify.

While Congressional salaries keep going up and up, it’s been nine years since Washington increased the minimum wage. And the Republicans still refuse to raise it unless heiresses like Paris Hilton get a tax cut.

That’s just not right.

This November, vote your values. Vote for Democrat Mike Arcuri on the Working Families Party line. Arcuri supports raising the minimum wage. Health care we can afford. And Social Security we can count on. "

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