Saturday, August 05, 2006

Volunteer with Take Back Congress

Item number 7 in my list of ways that you can volunteer to help Michael Arcuri's campaign without actually volunteering for the campaign itself came in the form of a leaflet handed out at the Just Desserts MoveOn Party I had over at my house early this week. The flyer, entitled A Progressive Call to Action, gave information about an event this coming Tuesday evening at which people will be presented with opportunities for concrete action.

Carrie Berman and Mary Clark will speak at 7:00 PM, at 318 North Albany in Ithaca about their efforts to help the Democrats regain majority control of Congress this year. Mary Clark coordinates Citizen Action of New York for the Southern Tier, and so won't be primarily focused on the 24th District - but she can get people in contact with those in her organization who will be. Carrie Berman is working with Take Back Congress - New York, which coincidentally has the very same name as the group blog that I founded back in January.

Take Back Congress - New York is an independent campaign that is working to help Democratic and Working Families congressional candidates in four districts this year, one of which is our district, the 24th. Their strategy is to strengthen Mike Arcuri's appeal to independent voters by communicating a message that focuses on jobs, healthcare and education. Take Back Congress could use your suppport, so if you can, attend Tuesday's meeting. If you can't attend Tuesday's meeting, then send an email to

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Anonymous said...

On Sunday, August 6th at 4:30 there will be a Progressive Call to Action Meeting to be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church ( an independent endeavor not associated with the church itself -space has been rented there) 10 Higby Rd., Utica. Guest Speakers will be Mary Clark, Southern Tier co-ordinator of Citizens Action New York and Carrie Berman, Organizing director of Take back Congress - NY Campaign. The purpose of the gathering is to strenghten Congress and make it more reponsive to real issues affecting the people of this Nation. Hope you can make it!