Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ray Meier Moderate - According to Who?

Moderate, moderate, moderate. I predict that, by the time that the 2008 presidential campaign is all done with, the word "moderate" will be taken seriously as the word "joementum".

This word, "moderate", has got to be the most overused and useless phrase of the whole 2006 congressional race. When we hear of a moderate candidate, chances are that that candidate is not moderate at all. "Moderate" has come to be just another careless code word for what truly lies beneath: A right wing agenda.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what the Republicans have to say on the matter as it pertains to the race going on in our very own district. Ray Meier likes to be called a "moderate", but then he shoots himself in the foot by aligning himself with a right wing special interest group: Rightroots, a political interest group that calls itself "the right side of the web", and says it wants to enact a right wing agenda - not a moderate agenda at all.

Ray Meier has proudly posted a graphic on his site declaring that he is "Rightroots Approved". Who knew that a political candidate in our district needed to be approved by a political action committee with its web site registered down in Alexandria, Virginia?

All this language about Ray Meier being a member of the right wing roots of the Republican Party, and we're supposed to believe that he's moderate? Moderate, my foot.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent point. I called the Arcuri campaign and urged them to read it and start talking about it. Thanks for what you do.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a liberal to resort to name calling. According to Stu Rothenberg, Arcuri is the candidate in this race who loves the "moderate" label.

However, that's the last thing from the truth. This is a man who gets most of his money from Big Labor and trial lawyers -- two industries beholden to left-wing interests.

24 Independent said...

I love how you resort to name calling even as you accuse me of name calling. Good work.

The trouble is, I don't mind being called a liberal. I'm proud to be a liberal. All the best aspects of the American tradition are based on liberal ideals: Liberty, justice, compassion, education and progress.

The important question, anonymous 9:16, is why you aren't a liberal.

You have a problem with the legal system that when someone's rights have been violated, they can seek justice in the courts? You have a problem with the idea that workers can organize in order to fight exploitation?

Workers' unions and trial lawyers are NOT industries. They stand up to the corporate right wing interest groups that are beholden to the rich and powerful.

If this were a Robin Hood story, you'd be on the side of the Sheriff of Nottingham. I choose the other side.

Steve said...

Of course you see things as a Robin Hood scenario--you need some way to legitimize your thieving ways.