Friday, August 18, 2006

Help Michael Arcuri Gain More DCCC Support

My mini-project of listing ten ways to support the Michael Arcuri for Congress campaign is completed, but heck, more methods for supporting the effort to turn New York's 24th congressional district blue just keep on popping up. Here's one for all you Democratic supporters of Michael Arcuri to do today.

Go to the web site of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and vote for Mike Arcuri in the Candidate for Change Contest.

Michael Arcuri is one of 35 Democratic congressional candidates who are being considered for special extra support by the DCCC. The three candidates who get the most online votes will receive the following bonus items from the DCCC for their campaigns:

  • A fundraising email from Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi or DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel to the entire DCCC email list
  • A phone bank run out of the Democratic National Headquarters for their campaign
  • The feature spot on the DCCC Web site to get their message out, with a link to their campaign contribution page
  • An online chat with the DCCC community to exchange ideas on the campaign and the future of our country.

    Of course, the point of this race isn't really these extra items of support. The point is that the DCCC is trying to encourage Democratic congressional candidates to improve their online campaigning. Those candidates with the best Internet will win the contest - and get extra help that will enable them to surge forward with even more strength into the last few weeks of the campaign.

    This ought to be yet another sign to those stubborn luddites in the Oneida County Democratic Party that, yes, the Internet matters. A note to the Arcuri campaign: Putting a link to this contest on the Arcuri Campaign web site to encourage visitors to vote for Michael Arcuri would be helpful.

    Frederick said...

    Sounds good, I'll stop over, vote, and do my own post on, help spread the word...

    24 Independent said...

    Glad to see the Arcuri campaign has paid attention and put the link up on their site today.

    Now, if they could just get rid of that stupid Trading Cards link and post a press release that's come out since the middle of July...