Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Get to Dryden for Phone Volunteer Program

The final item on my list of ten easy and independent things that you can do to help the Arcuri for Congress campaign: Go to Dryden tonight.

Tonight, at 7:45 PM, the Dryden Democratic Committee will give a presentation on the Neighborhood Network, a project of the Democratic Party to get the word out about congressional campaigns, person to person instead of TV screen to hypnotized eyeball.

The meeting is at the Dryden Town Hall, 65 East Main Street in Dryden.

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Mary Ann said...

If you missed the presentation and would still like to help, contact Leigh Ann Scheider at leighanns at nysdems dot org or email me for her phone number. The New York State Democrats have developed a good, simple script and accurate phone lists of "prime" democrats, independants and blanks in each electoral district. Each list has about 75 names - you can choose your own district if you want to call neighbors. Leigh Ann is wildly enthusiastic and will probably hand deliver a list to whatever meeting place you want to arrange. If you like going door-to-door more than phoning, that can be arranged, too.