Friday, July 14, 2006

Valero shows what's wrong with Ray Meier

Reason #16 to vote for Michael Arcuri: Republican Ray Meier is the Valero Energy Corporation's candidate in New York's 24th congressional district.

Valero is a big energy company that you probably know best from their gas stations, which have been popping up all over America in recent years. What you probably didn't know is that Valero is the sixth biggest corporate contributor to political campaigns from the crude oil industry.

They set up the Valero Energy Corporation Political Action Committee, which works to influence politicians in order to promote its corporate agenda in Congress. That influence is bought through campaign donations, and that corporate agenda is to fight laws that keep our water and air clean, and to reduce corporate accountability to the people. They're pro-pollution and against alternative energy sources.

You know when they talk about super high oil company profits in spite of record high gasoline prices? They're talking about Valero.

Ray Meier is taking money from Valero.

You heard that right. Ray Meier is taking money from Valero, and using it to pay for his campaign here. And is Valero a company that has its headquarters here in our district, or anywhere else in New York State? Oh, no. They're based in San Antonio, Texas. The Valero Energy Corporation doesn't provide any substantial economic resources to our district. They just plop down a few chain gas stations, and then suck the profits from those stations down to Texas - taking more money out of our local economy.

But Ray Meier is taking money from them. Valero Energy Corporation is bidding to make Ray Meier their man.

If you have any doubts about how radical the political agenda of the Valero Energy Corporation is, just take a look at their record of donations to the 2006 congressional elections so far. 89% of their PAC donations went to Republican candidates. Only 11% of their donations went to Democrats. The Valero Energy Corporation Political Action Committee is a part of the right wing political machine.

Ray Meier is now hopping on board the Valero Energy Corporation's political machine. Are you going to join Meier, and let Valero take you for a ride?

valero right wing corporate PAC money

You have a choice. The smart choice, for our local economy, for integrity in government, and for clean air and water, is to say no to Ray Meier, and no to Valero. On Election Day, show Ray Meier that we voters in Central New York cannot be bought by some powerful corporation from Texas. Vote for Michael Arcuri, who has not taken a dime of Valero's oily money.

Then, help teach Valero a lesson. If you're a Democrat who is sick of the George W. Bush and the Republican Congress running this America into the ground, show them that they can't push us around any longer. Don't buy a thing from a Valero gas station. Not one gallon of gas. Not one overcooked slice of pizza. Not one Twinkie.


Anonymous said...

Just a little strong

Anonymous said...

Mr Meier has been a horrible senator and has sacrificed his district for his political growth among the powerful, while other districts won his district lost. His district is now the ignored dregs and here's Ray running for congress. If you ask me the post isn't strong enough. It looks like Ray would like to be the same kind of congressman as he was senator, Useless but well connected for himself. I dont usually bother getting involved in elections but I talk this district killing man down every chance I get.

Anonymous said...

One thing all voters will learn is that Ray Meier will accept money from anyone.Winning is everything to him.

Anonymous said...

12:54, are you from the Valero Energy Corporation, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that the Dems are not emphasizing the Pataki/Meier/Griffo failures to our state and area in a coordinated fashion.Ray Meier has been an utter failure on the State level as part of the Pataki machine.Taxes and spending up. Jobs and population down.Has he earned promotion to DC?Why is Arcuri not asking this basic question?

24 Independent said...

Anonymous 9:10 - I can tell you that those of us on the Western side of the district don't know much about Meier or Arcuri.

The image of both of these politicians can still be set by a concerted effort by the campaigns - but I'm not seeing much effort to come over here. The Oneidacentrism is a big mistake, as most voters are outside that county.

Anonymous said...

First, Valero is a refining company which has to buy crude oil on the world market. High prices at the pump can be attributed to the spike in the cost of this crude. If anything, higher input costs hurt Valero. Valero's high profits come from the lack in refining capacity in the U.S.; no new refineries have been built since the 70's due mainly to government regulation. Second, as a publicly-owned enterprise, Valero's owners are geographically dispersed and in all likelihood a great many of the shareholders live in New York. So, your claim that all the profits are sucked out of the local economy is without merit. Third, the local Valero stations may be locally-owned. Thus, any boycott would punish the local owner more than anyone. You may also be overlooking the fact that Valero provides something we, quite frankly, all want.

I know nothing of the candidate you speak of, but he can hardly be condemned for a connection to Valero. I read Valero's annual report about a year ago and was surprised to find that they are one of the most charitable corporations around. I usually pass over uninspiring blogs, but I found this one particularly rote and had to respond.