Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sherwood Boehlert Votes to Spread Nuclear Technology Overseas

Need a reminder how dangerous it is to vote Republican?

How about a nuclear reminder?

Okay, here you are: This week, Republican Sherwood Boehlert voted in favor of a plan concocted by George W. Bush to send nuclear technology and nuclear fuel overseas. No, the nuclear fuel and technology wouldn't go to a US military base. It would go to a foreign country - one that already has nuclear weapons, has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and one that has recently tested a long-range missile (just like North Korea).

Think that sounds crazy? You're right - it's absolutely insane.

The government that will be getting this nuclear technology and nuclear fuel will, as a result, be able to transfer more of its resources to its nuclear weapons program. George W. Bush, Sherwood Boehlert, and all their Republican buddies are rewarding India for refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the very same treaty that Bush used to justify the invasion of Iraq. They're rewarding India for making nuclear weapons. They're sending a clear message to nations like Iran and North Korea: If you manage to make some nuclear weapons, we'll give you a special prize of yet more nuclear technology and fuel to make more bombs with.

Think that India is a responsible government? A country we can trust with nuclear technology? Think again.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that India has sent technology to Iran that could be used to make missiles to carry nuclear missiles. This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened, either. In the last three years alone, India has been caught spreading dangerous weapons technologies, some potentially related to weapons of mass destruction, across international borders nine times.

India has proven that it absolutely cannot be trusted to keep nuclear technology to itself. Yet, Bush, Boehlert and the rest of the Republican Party are intent on giving them nuclear technology and fuel anyway.

Why on Earth would they do this? This is exactly the sort of thing you'd do if you wanted nuclear weapons to be spread all around the world, to be made easier for terrorists to snatch and use against the USA.

If Ray Meier is elected he will support this madness - and worse. Meier promises to place himself squarely in the right wing extremist camp of the Republican Party.

This is bigger than stem cell research. It's more important than reforms to the campaign finance system, or adjustments to the federal tax code. We're talking about spreading nuclear weapons capability around the world here, folks, so turn off the re-runs of The Simpsons and pay attention!

We cannot afford to send Ray Meier to support these crazy schemes in Congress. No jokes. This is deadly serious.

Get busy.


Anonymous said...

The last thing we want is a brown man with nuclear technology.

Thankfully the majority of Democrats aren't so bigoted.

24 Independent said...

Nice try at spin. You'll notice that nowhere did I mention anyone's skin color.

The last thing we want is ANY more nuclear weapons, owned by anyone, whatever their skin color.

Giving nuclear fuel and technology to a country that is giving nuclear weapons-related materials to Iran is nuts. This has nothing to do with ethnicity. It's just equal opportunity nuts.

Anonymous said...

Why delay the inevitable? Let the Muslims have nukes and let all the religious believers blast away in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

What the H are you talking about man? Bigotry? We are talking about nuclear weapons you moron. Or in you and George Bush's case, "Nucular". Your neocons are absolutely shameless, as IF you give a rat's butt about anybody but male WASPs.

Anonymous said...

"Let the Muslims have nukes and let all the religious believers blast away in the Middle East".

Better yet, how about the concept of letting people in America worship or not worship as they wish and minding our own damned business? Democracy! What a novel idea! Might as well throw in the unthinkable and stay out of their personal lives too. Maybe then we would have some time to address the REAL problems in this county.

NoMoreArcuri said...

"Equal opportunity Nuts"! LMAO!

Otherwise, you're right! NOTHING about this dirty Nuke business is funny. Serious, dead serious.