Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ray Meier Lacks Breadth of Endorsements

Reason number 19 to vote for Michael Arcuri: Ray Meier's endorsements are exceptionally narrow, when compared to the endorsements Mike Arcuri has received.

What kind of endorsements has Ray Meier received? No local organizations. No individuals. No working people. The only endorsements that Ray Meier has managed to earn are those of the county Republican Party committees, and a couple county Conservative Party endorsements. That's it.

Michael Arcuri's campaign for Congress, on the other hand has gotten the county Democratic committee endorsements, plus endorsements from prominent local individuals, and endorsements from local organization. Michael Arcuri has support from many labor unions, a testament to the appeal of his campaign to the working people of New York's 24th congressional district.

There's a good reason that most of Ray Meier's campaign money comes from outside of our congressional district: Meier has failed to make a positive impression here. If I have to choose between the candidate that takes a check from the General Motors political action committee and the candidate who has earned the endorsement of New York State's chapter of the Northeastern Police Conference, I know who I'll be voting for in November.

It won't be Ray Meier.

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