Thursday, July 06, 2006

Michael Arcuri Refuses to Join in Gay Bashing

Reason #5 to vote for Michael Arcuri for Congress this year is an easy one.

Ray Meier took place in the gay bashing by the Republican Party as they tried to pass an anti-marriage constitutional amendment denying all couples equal marriage rights regardless of sexual orientation. Ray Meier told right wing journal Human Events that he supported the anti-marriage amendment denying same sex couples the right to get married.

Republican Ray Meier is one of those politicians who is so capable of twisting the truth that he can claim to be defending marriage by trying to prevent people from getting married. Ray Meier want to help the government interfere in matters of love. He wants to prevent stable families from forming.

Michael Arcuri takes a higher moral road. Arcuri upholds the guarantee in the United States Constitution that all people will be granted equal protection under the law, without discrimination. Arcuri refuses to pick on people who are vulnerable or unpopular for the sake of political gain.

Mike Arcuri opposed the constitutional amendment to deny equal marriage rights to all American couples. On the subject, he wrote,
"I oppose unwarranted government interference in the private lives of consenting adults, and I support laws that provide equal benefits, for all citizens, to health and life insurance, inheritance and other basic rights like hospital visitation."


NoMoreArcuri said...

Now you're just being creative... Meier doesn't support gay marriage so

now he's a "Gay Basher"? That's just twisting perception a bit. Yes you have

a serious gripe about Meier the Moron there, it just goes to show you that

there's no end to the Republican side of the problem, wherein twisted logic

still gets people like that re-elected. But it sounds like you're wording a

bit over the top.

And now I'll oppose,

"Arcuri upholds the guarantee in the United States Constitution that all people will be granted equal protection under the law,without discrimination."

I can tell you Jon that there are so many examples of this being a load of crock in the Arcuri Mindset/Administration, that I can't even begin to compile a list. Really man...

Was Joseph Smith outside that little quote of the 14th clause?

Any one of the hundreds of Cornhill residents that cried out after Walter Washington, a black man, was shot can tell you a thing or two about discrimination. Mr arcuri has personally alienated the Black Community in Utica. Distrust and Dislike is the rule of thumb about the Police And District Attorney at Utica.

WHO does he protect?

How about the inordinately slanted ratio of Black/Hispanic compared to Caucasian people the Wonderful Mr. Arcuri has sent upstate. The majority of which, are imprisoned are essentially there for selling or smoking various types of plants. So how silly is that Jon? If I ever heard Mike Arcuri once metion the word "Treatment" over "Imprisonment" I might want to believe what you're selling up there Jon. What gives? Where are you going with this?

Don't even get me going on "discrimination"... I had a law Professor, and former Federal Judge tell me that Justice is no more blind than you or I. The only way that justice can be truly blind would be to have Judges that don't know the face, name or the gender of the Defendant.

And therein lies a Flaw in the Law that DA's like Mike Arcuri exploit.

He make's his living off of other people's misery.

Yeah, YOU go vote for him Jon.

Further, you talk again about Mike's High Road stance on the Iraq war and such because it's a benchtest calibrator for politicians to state "Positions". Is this war just being used as a "content provider" for this election Jon? Only the dumbed down believe this Horse Manure. By the time, assuming Mike could win, he grew to any level of influence, which he won't because the Beltway In-between Crowd will see right through his vapidity and eat him alive, the Iraq war will be a memory like Desert Storm.

And his likelyhood of repulsing such an attempt at purveying the "next" war is remote in the extreme. The Upstate New York label KILLS our politicians hopes. The Republicans can blow all the smoke they want up our collective asses but you'll never make me believe anyone really gave a Rat's Ass about what sherry Boehler says or thinks if it doesn't involve getting a check. Historically, the weaker, more noble Dems seem to have less sway in the Goings On.And you'd elect a mouse to this Job? True, the Meier Caddy stunt was Tacky, but where's Mike's mouth when it could actually be doing his country any good?

Also, the record shows that Mike Aruri has a poor capacity for decision making. I'm getting Blue in the Face about all this. I'm not asking you to believe it, I'm telling you how this guy is...

As bad as it is, Sept. 11th, which I watched from Tribecca, and our bravest Soldiers Dying like 5 a day, yet I understand that AIDS kills 3000 a DAY! Why not ask these two posers what they would do if asked to vote on a 20 Billion dollar AIDS research bill. That might be a more telling question because it extrapolates the "Left Brain"-"Right-Brain" logic for better display and perusement.


I will never vote for Michael Arcuri again. I'm not stupid enough to vote a do-nothing usually unnopposed DA to a job like Congressman, what with it's high potential for abuse risk.

Thanks but no thanks Jon.

24 Independent said...

You want to explain to me how using a constitutional amendment to make gay people legally inferior to other Americas for political benefit is not gay bashing?

Anonymous said...

Ray Meier would do whatever Dick Cheney would do. And we know what Dick Cheney would do when it comes to gays. Throw his own daughter under the bus. The guy is and always has been a Neocon suckup, just the kind of guy we want to throw out of office this year all over the country. I will never vote for him for anything, anytime.