Thursday, June 22, 2006

Opportunity for Michael Arcuri on Iraq

Here's the big opportunity for Michael Arcuri to set everything straight on the Iraq War issue. Sure, there is some confusion about whether Arcuri supported the Iraq War back in 2002 and 2003, but all that can be cleared up if Arcuri just speaks about what's happening in the Democratic Party concerning the Iraq War today.

There are two resolutions to end the Iraq War currently in the United States Senate, one sponsored by Minority Leader Harry Reid, and the other sponsored by Russ Feingold, John Kerry, and Barbara Boxer.

All Mike Arcuri has to do to finally make his present position on the Iraq War clear is to say which one of these resolutions he supports, and explain why.

No hard work involved. No effort at coming up with his own plan. Just take these ready-made plans to end the war in Iraq, and tell us which one reflects the vision of the Arcuri for Congress campaign.

Surely, it's not asking too much that Arcuri finally support a plan to end the Iraq War. That's not too progressive fringe of me to ask for, is it?


Curious said...

And now that Cheney is fundraising for Meier, it might be a good time for MA to differentiate himself from the GOP on this issue (which some anonymous someone on this blog recently referred to as unimportant). With Cheney on his side (and all the megadollars and media attention that implies), it's pretty clear which side of the issue MEIER's on.

Anonymous said...

Opportunity missed.