Thursday, June 29, 2006

Michael Arcuri Stands for Strong Congress

Reason #2 to vote for Michael Arcuri for Congress: Democrat Michael Arcuri advocates a strong Congress, while Ray Meier proposes more of the same weak and meek representation.

Mike Arcuri recognizes that the Executive Branch of the federal government has taken more power than the Constitution provides for. Arcuri acknowledges that the President of the United States has violated the law. Arcuri has spoken in favor of a strong Congress that will stand up to the President and restore the normal state of checks and balances between the three branches of government.

Arcuri states,
"This President is not really following the rule of law. Congressional hearings are going to be important. My real concern is this. Hearings are great, but there need to be more than just hearings. There need to be decisions made. Congress needs to assert its legislative power. They made the law. They made it clear. The President is not enforcing it. That's one of the things, shame on Congress, they need to be doing more. I think, if we had a Democratic majority, we'll see that that will be something we see more of."

Republican candidate Ray Meier has said nothing to indicate that he is willing to act to restore the systematic order in federal government that underlies the law and our liberty. We cannot trust Ray Meier to do what is necessary to preserve the centuries-old balance in government that has kept America free.


Anonymous said...

It seems as if someone has a gun to your head suddenly.... explanation please.

Anonymous said...

Ok let me guess. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers found this blog and you have been taken over by a pod.

NoMoreArcuri said...

I will be preparing a list of 25 reasons not to vote for Mike Arcuri...

I can only assume you are under some sort of "Mike Arcuri" duress, which, knowing him, and his crooked tactics, I think is entirely possible.

Did they come 'talk' to you? I wish they'd try that with me!

24 Independent said...

No More Arcuri -

Please go ahead. I'll read it with curiosity. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Arcuri, it's true.

I have not been contacted by Michael Arcuri's campaign, or pressured in any way. They're too arrogant to get in touch with a little blogger like me. Besides, they couldn't get in touch with me if they tried. I'm in an undisclosed location in Northern Michigan.

As I just explained in my latest blog post, I am not connected to any campaign in any way. I'm a progressive Democrat, and I'm very disappointed in Michael Arcuri, but I'm not going to be so stupid as to claim that there are not two sides of Michael Arcuri's political persona - positive and negative. I want to, when this campaign is over in four months, have written about it comprehensively.

That means I'll be unpredictable from time to time, because the story is a complex one. That bugs people who have a narrow personal agenda, pro-Arcuri and anti-Arcuri - but that's their problem.

I expect that, by Election Day, I'll be reviled by practically everyone involved in this race.

Anonymous said...

Yes 24, but I have to admit it IS fun to fight with you and get you all riled up.

24, I know Mike Arcuri but am not part of his campaign in any sense other than I support him. I also know Ray Meier and wouldn't even waste my time comparing him to Mike regardless of what the maverick sites of people with personal gripes have to say. It's always easy to flag rhetoric that has a personal gripe tone to it and it is to be expected in this type of election. I can't imagine any DA pleasing a whole lot of people who have to deal with him. In reality Ray Meier is a serious political wheeler who has done everything to contribute to the demise of his district but toss his mother into the canal. It's hard to tell whether the state of his district is due to ineptitude or just his ability to be a Neocon sheep. I'm opting for choice number two. He has no problem looking the other way even when he knows the wrong thing is happening. Maybe that's why he is so thrilled to have Dick Cheney on his side. Like Boehlert, Meier is a schmoozer with nothing in the box. The difference is Meier is a die hard Neocon and proud of it. He is banking on all those people and families whose livlihoods he controls to come thru for him on election day. The good thing about a face off with Arcuri is it is already established that they both can garner roughly the same number of votes out of the shoot. The rest is touchy feely for both of them and will come down to that sickening commodity that actually decides elections - money. Much as I wonder what the heck is going thru Hillary's head, it's good to know she is doing for Mike what Cheney is doing for Meier. The difference is, the press covered Meier's pal but the press did not cover Hillary's efforts. This is to be expected at least in our county where Republicans rule and run our major newspaper. Sometimes, I have to go elsewhere to actually see something in print.

24, I have to admit that seeing Mike in person and hearing him talk is a far better impression than his web site projects. He is not a loud man by nature, but in debates and speeches he can be very impressive. If given the choice, I would also like to see his comments at that site be more meaty, maybe updates on certain issues as the situation arises. For some reason, he opts not to do that, and I would like to think there is a reason for that which neither of us knows. I think he is traveling the 24th often because he knows his strongest suit is being there in person. I would guess that before this campaign season is over he will have visited and talked with every nook of the 24th in person. In that effort, he will outshine Ray every time. Hopefully, when the dirty tricks start to come into play, and we all know how good Republicans are at that, he will endure.

Have a good 4th everybody.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Arcuri attack Gonzales on the principle that the rule of law trumps the rule of man.

Mary Ann said...

"...seeing Mike in person and hearing him talk is a far better impression..."

I'm prepared to believe this, and the fact that Arcuri hasn't managed to drag himself to the western part of the district is a large part of the problem. Known policy positions are important, but we're also looking for some evidence of leadership. It's not just our vote Arcuri should be looking for, but our ability to influence our undecided friends. Although I plan to vote for Arcuri, I still can't bring myself to encourage my neighbors to support him.