Monday, June 19, 2006

Michael Arcuri Fails to Make The Cut With DFA

Mike Arcuri has failed to make the cut in online voting for Democracy For America's Grassroots All-Star endorsement. Arcuri was listed as among the original contestants, but did not get enough votes from Democratic grassroots supporters to carry him on to the final round of selection.

The following Democratic candidates made the final round of selection:
Jerry McNerney - California's eleventh district
Nancy Skinner - Michigan's ninth district
Stephanie Studebaker - Ohio's third district
Patrick Murphy - Pennsylvania's eighth district
Phil Avillo - Pennsylvania's nineteenth district

A lot of assistance comes along with a DFA endorsement. That assistance will now not be coming to the Democrats in New York State's 24th congressional district.

Many of Arcuri's supporters in Utica have claimed that Michael Arcuri's campaign doesn't need to bother itself with appealing to progressive voters. They've also claimed that Internet outreach doesn't matter. Would they still make such arguments now that they've lost this opportunity?


Anonymous said...

Would you rather Mike have the support of some fringe group like the DFA or a powerhouse like the DCCC?

24 Independent said...

Uh, anonymous, they're NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

Your question is like asking, "Would you rather have meat or a bun for your burger?"

Anonymous said...

Meat please! Low carbs don't you know. Besides, I don't like the part of the bun by the edge. You know, the FRINGE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look how much money Eric Massa has raised on ActBlue and contrast it with Mike Arcuri.

Now what was the advantage of going with Arcuri instead of Roberts again?

Anonymous said...

That "fringe" group Democracy for America put Howard Dean into the position of chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

But, I guess that's just not good enough for Michael Arcuri.

Anonymous said...

The "fringe" did not put Howard into the white house however. The "fringe" never puts anybody in high office without a great deal of embarrassment at the extreme or the narrow focus on pet topics while everything else goes to hell. People are afraid of "fringe". Too much of anything is not a good thing. In fact, the nutball in the white house got there on fringe and look how crazy everything got. Fringe in any direction is not what America wants. If ever their lesson was learned it is now.

Anonymous said...

I think it is mutually exclusive. The DCCC has a proven record of success. DFA has a proven record of failure.

Mike is sticking with the winning team.

Curious said...

1:35--A quote from Paul Krugman's NYT piece yesterday:

"But I would like to offer some advice to my fellow pundits: face reality. There are some commentators who long for the bipartisan days of yore, and flock eagerly to any politician who looks 'centrist.' But there isn't any center in modern American politics. And the center won't return until we have a new New Deal, and rebuild our middle class."

You know what? I believe him. People may be afraid of fringe, but the center doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

"The DCCC has a proven record of success."

Uh, is that why we have a Republican Congress and have had for some time?

Anonymous said...

People, can't you have a little faith in the DCCC? They know what they're doing and they're providing a lot of valuable assistance in a very tough race.

I think people need to broaden their viewpoints beyond their own narrow agendas. We already have the fringe voters. We need to concentrate on the mainstream people to win.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I disagree completely. The center is huge and the fringe is just loud. Both fringes. The center will decide elections this year. At this point, the center is regarded by the fringe as anybody who isn't falling off a right or left cliff.

Anonymous said...

6:52 - Would that be Nixon's Silent Majority?