Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Arcuri Supporters Try To Put A Stop To Nagging Blogs

There is someone, clearly from Oneida County and clearly with a personal grudge of some sort related to Michael Arcuri's work as District Attorney, who has been going around starting little one-entry anti-Arcuri blogs. They're not very well written, for the most part, but whomever is creating them is dedicated enough to keep at it.

For some reason, Arcuri supporters seem very worried about these little blogs. It's kind of ironic, because these people who worry about these nagging little anti-Arcuri blogs are some of the same who keep on saying that the Internet doesn't matter.

Well, I'm less concerned about those pesky blogs than I am about the reaction of Arcuri supporters to the blogs.

One supporter of Mike Arcuri, Bob Hyde, who edits the Oneida County Democratic Committee web site and writes his own blog, seems to regard himself as a kind destroyer of dissent online - a blog crusher. He's tried to intimidate me into stopping this blog in the past, and now he's trying the same crude tactics with whomever the little anti-Arcuri mystery blogger is.

Hyde wrote last night: "I hope this round of internet excavation will put an end to the current crop of malicious, hate blogs targeting Mike Arcuri."

In my opinion, there is nothing more unbecoming than a blogger who tries to stop other bloggers from writing. Instead of trying to silence those who don't agree with us, I think we ought merely to be grateful that we still live in a country where we have the freedom to write our opinions, whatever they are, no matter how unpopular.


Curious said...

I just think it's surprising that someone as nonexistent as MA can generate that kind of passion. It makes me think better of him, actually.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people meet up with a DA and the outcome isn't what they want. They are generally called prisoners. Overall, I would say a DA who hasn't ticked somebody off isn't a DA at all. I looked at the sites and just shrugged. Sticks and stones kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes people meet up with a DA and the outcome isn't what they want. They are generally called prisoners."

I find they are often called "victims". They don't like the DA plea bargaining away the serious crime they has perpetrated on them.

And occasionally they are called "not guilty" and those are the especially angry ones. The people who were falsely accused and prosecuted because the DA doesn't have the balls to see when the police screw up and investigation.

If you are guilty, you probably aren't happy with a conviction, but you know you had it coming.

I'd like to see a DA who has the intelligence to admit the high level of crime and incarceration in our society is not a measurement of a successful society.

Anonymous said...


"Arcuri is the District Attorney of Oneida County, the largest country in NY-24."

Maybe it's a typo but maybe the Oneida centric types really think it's a country. Maybe they are a rival to the Oneida Nation.

I hope they retyped the wording on the website rather than sending the press release out with "country" in it.

NoMoreArcuri said...

Sometimes Lawyers meet up with a DA, and after watching thier actions for a time, become disgusted. Sometimes voters get disgusted at the way things are, and get disgusted when they see a DA who has done nothing but Forrest Gump his way thru 12 years as uninspiring DA. Gee, no-one thought about THAT possiblility.