Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Will the Republican Candidates Repudiate Bush?

There are many issues, but just one question, that matters when it comes to evaluating the Republican candidates: Will they repudiate George W. Bush, or do they embrace him and his failed policies?

Ken Camera says YES. He favors impeaching President Bush for incompetence.

Brad Jones won't say.

Ray Meier won't say.

We deserve to know whether these Republicans intend to help keep America going down the disastrous path of the last six years. The question of support for George W. Bush ought to be prime question in for the entire campaign. After all, a strong majority of all voters, not just Democrats, believes that George W. Bush has been a miserable failure as President.

Make this election a referendum on George W. Bush, and the Democrats win. Elect a Republican to Congress, and you might as well be voting for George W. Bush. It's clear that the majority of the voters in the 24th District would not do so.

Get off topic with silly pork barrel proposals like expanding route 12 or continuing Sherwood Boehlert's sponsorship of the Family Dollar chain, and the Democrats lose. After all, every candidate can promise with equal credibility to bring money home for local projects. Local loyalties are not going to win the election for the Democrats. We need a Democratic candidate who is smart enough to transcend the mire of local politics and unite the 24th District's voters with a concept they can almost all agree with, no matter where they live: Rejection of George W. Bush.

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Norway said...

On Brad's website, he says, "As promised to each of the seniors in attendance, Jones stated he would take their message to Washington, D.C. - their message being 'scrap the Medicare Part D program in its entirety', and 'leave Social Security as is'." That was actually what Les Roberts told that crowd, but Brad seems happy to co-opt a message that the audience approved. My guess: Brad won't ally himself with Bush; he will mold himself into whatever seems to be working. Meier, however, seems to be the quintessential Bushman.