Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ray Meier is Blind to Corruption

In terms of policy, the bloody, disastrous Iraq War is the biggest burden for the Republicans in this year's congressional elections. In terms of legislative performance, however, it's the Republican Party's systematic problem with corruption that is weighing it down. It's become clear that there is a vast amount of bribery going on in the Republican-controlled Congress, and although a few Democratic members are guilty of corruption, the vast majority of corruption investigations are of Republicans.

Any Republican running for Congress this year needs to confront the issue of voters, and prove to them that he or she has a specific plan for avoiding the stain of corruption that has besmirched so many Republicans currently in Congress.

Here in New York's 24th Congressional District, the Republican frontrunner, Ray Meier, is refusing to accept this less. The Meier for Congress campaign is merely pretending that the corruption problem doesn't exist... much in the same way that Ray Meier pretends that everything is going just great in Iraq. Ray Meier doesn't mention the Republican corruption problem, perhaps because he doesn't think that the

This kind of weak silence on ethics is dangerous in a politician. We voters deserve an open, public, pledge from Ray Meier that he will not follow his Republican colleagues in their illegal schemes to profit from public office.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for Ray Meier to speak out on this issue, though. On the issue of corruption as in so many other respects, Ray Meier is not competent to serve in Congress.

Post script:

A little hint to Mike Arcuri, though: Could you please address this issue in your campaign? This is a potent issue in this year's campaign. If you're really so hungry to win, how come you're not using it? The Michael Arcuri for Congress campaign ought to be out front in this district, pointing out the huge corruption scandals of the Republicans in Congress, and proposing specific measures for preventing such widespread violations of the public trust from taking place again.


Anonymous said...

Hey, far from merely being silent on corruption in the national Republican party, Senator Meier is openly accepting of the most egregiously corrupt politicians in the state Republican party. Meier was one of the senators to contribute large sums to Guy Velella's legal defense fund. That should speak volumes about the boys' club mentality going on. Don't even get me started about Oneida County level buddy-politicking. My assumption is Arcuri won't hit Meier too hard on these issues because of his own local position. If he loses, Meier and his allies can make Arcuri's future (and let no one misunderstand, after his term as D.A. ends, if Arcuri is not a congressman, Arcuri will still be gunning for political office) very awkward.

Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" writer 5/30 re corruption is absolutely right.Arcuri will not raise certain issues because he is and has been a "club" member in Oneida County.This club involves members of both parties who take care of each other, particularly financially. Just look at the Meier /Destito relationship.And, look how Dan Sullivan would not run hard against Joe Griffo because of Sullivan's county job. The truth is that there are not two parties in Oneida County,only the "ins" and the "out's".That is why there are no real elections.

Anonymous said...

I never even heard of Michael Arcuri before I found this blog, and I'm a lifelong Democrat here in Auburn.

We only have six months until the election - why am I not hearing anything from the Arcuri campaign?

Anonymous said...

Well, 12:31pm, I for one hope that he and his staff have been spending this time crafting a superior, knock-em-voting strategy for winning the 24th. After all, there are more voting Reps than Dems. Even if we effectuate massive turnout--a key thing for Arcuri, and, well, us, to push--it won't be enough. A lot of these Republicans in the 24th are Republicans cuz their father was a Republican. That's not to say they're not fundamentally conservative. Arcuri needs to tap into the discontent. I don't understand though, how any voter should buy "CNY is broken and lagging. The Republicans didn't do a good job. But we sure will--leave it to us." He's gonna need specifics but not come off as wonky. He's gonna need to be inspiring but not a blowhard. This stuff is harder than it looks.

Anonymous said...

exactly it is 6 months out, no one is paying attention except us political junkies...

this is the fundraising stage and arcuri is leading all candidates, give some credit where credit is due.