Monday, April 10, 2006

Should Censure or Impeachment Be A Campaign Issue?

Not one of the candidates seems comfortable touching the issue, but at the grassroots level, Democrats are buzzing about it, and with the possibility that the President and Vice President may finally be pinned down through testimony before Congress or in the prosecution of Lewis Libby, the issue may be unavoidable...

... I'm talking about impeachment... or censure... of the President of the United States.

Yes, impeachment raises the hackles of Republican voters, but there's no issue that excites the passion of Democrats as much, although some on the Joe Lieberman right wing side of the Democratic Party are dead set against it. So, should the issue of impeachment or censure of George W. Bush be one that Leon Koziol, Michael Arcuri and Les Roberts should address as part of their campaigns, or should they try to stay away from it as much as possible.

What are the implications of either tactic, and whether they want to address the issue, will they really have a choice?


Norway said...

Impeachment and censure scare the testosterone-less Dems because they remember how angry We The People got at the GOP when the GOP went after Clinton, and they're more concerned about re-election than history, truth, or justice. It will NEVER happen with this particular bunch in Congress.

Anonymous said...

You stupid Democrats. George W. Bush is yor king and you had better get used to it. Were in charge now, and were going to make big changes around here!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Your poll is up to 16 votes. I guess you finally convinced your mom to vote.

Anonymous said...

Typical Republican.

If you think this blog is so pointless, then how come you're here?

You came because the campaign matters to you, and this blog got your attention successfully.

The only reason you're so negative is that you don't like what it's saying, but the fact that you're here already makes you on the losing side.

You came here. The blog won.

Do you understand?

It's like going to a party and then saying that you don't like parties. Why would anyone believe you?

Anonymous said...

yes, impeachment should be an issue, but framed in the way that Howard Dean said recently - on the table but not #1 on the priority list. There's too much damage to clean-up from al of the Republican mismanagement the past five years.

But, Acuri should have an opinion on this seeing that he's a DA and his experience as a prosecutor is directly related to determining whether Bush may have committed impeachable offenses, especially with the wiretapping of Americans without a warrant issue.

Anonymous said...

Dean may be right about the impeachment issue, but I really think the wiretapping issue is one of the things that has foiled bush in the polls with his own party. People are horrified and they should be. Add the securityleak to that issue, and it's not really hard to see impeachment as an issue, but after the election rather than before. Get elected, then throw the bum out. Frist sure isn't going to do it that's for sure.