Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ray Meier Won't Listen To the Troops

Hello, world. Ray Meier is no longer coming soon. He's now on the web.

You can find his site at RayMeierForCongress .com [Sorry, Ray, no html link for you - you'll have to boost your Google search ratings elsewhere] Now we can see more of the severe credibility problems Ray Meier is going to face in the general election.

Problem Number One For Ray Meier: Ray Meier refuses to listen to the troops.

Oh, Meier says he'll listen to American soldiers fighting in Iraq, but when those soldiers disagree with Meier's political agenda, he just puts his fingers in his ears and pretends he hasn't heard anything.

The troops have spoken. They want out of Iraq fast.

Polling shows by the reputable company Zogby International indicates that about 70 percent of soldiers believe that the USA should get out of Iraq before another year is done. In fact, a majority of American military men and women in Iraq want America to pull out before six months from now.

Someone ought to tell Ray Meier that you can't say that you support the troops and then tell them to go to hell when they don't tell you what you want to hear.

Support the troops, Ray. Stop supporting George W. Bush's plan for the Iraq War to continue for years on end.

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