Monday, April 17, 2006

Ray Meier Taking Questionable Donation From CEO

It hasn't been long since Ray Meier broke onto the scene with his "Hello, World" message and his goofy grin. But, behind Ray Meier's gawky exterior, there may be the cunning of a hungry wolf.

How hungry is Ray Meier for campaign contributions? Is he hungry enough to go over the line? Meier is hungry enough to go over the state line, that's for certain, but are there other lines he is willing to transgress?

One of Ray Meier's checks comes from a Stuart W. Freilich who lives in Massachusetts. Freilich is CEO of Universal Metals Corporation.

What is Ray Meier, a state senator from central New York, doing taking a thousand dollar check from the CEO of Universal Metals Corporation in Massachusetts?

Anyone care to shed some light on just what interest the Universal Metals Corporation has in our congressional election here in New York's 24th district?

Just what did UMC executive Stuart Freilich expect in return for that check?

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