Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ray Meier Flops and Flounders Online

I know that the online world does not represent the entire state of a congressional campaign, but for as far as the Internet does provide some representation of the vigor of offline campaigning, it looks like Republican congressional candidate is in serious trouble.

Look at the blogosphere. Almost nobody is writing about Ray Meier.

I mean this literally: Go over to Technorati and search for "ray meier".

Who do you see writing about Mr. Raymond? This blog, and that's about it.

I'm a Democrat. So, I'm not writing nice things about Ray Meier. Other bloggers writing about Ray Meier recently also have some pretty harsh things to say Meier. They note that Meier has some radical right wing positions that Sherwood Boehlert never took, and that Meier seems to have no real attraction for district voters.

That's what I'm seeing too. It seems that nobody loves Raymond. I almost feel sorry for poor Ray Meier. Almost. I'd feel sorry for him if he didn't end up promoting so many nasty policies that hurt people.

It seems that Republicans are not very motivated by Ray Meier, and 24th District Republicans here in New York State aren't very motivated to become politically active at all. That's understandable, given the sad state of the New York State Republican Party. The Republicans have practically no chance of retaining the governor's seat, or kicking Hillary Clinton out of the US Senate, or replacing Eliot Spitzer with a Republican Attorney General. At the same time, the once-popular George W. Bush has turned into a national embarrassment who makes even staunch Republicans want to hide their heads in shame.

What in the world do Republicans have to rally around? Ray Meier, the guy who introduced himself to 24th district Republicans with the dorky message, "Hello, world"?

As I've pointed out before, Ray Meier's own campaign seems afraid to start an official campaign blog, apparently worried that people could write unflattering, challenging things about Meier's extremist policies in a blog's comments section.

Well, no candidate ever won a seat in Congress by being afraid, Mr. Meier. If you don't have the guts to get out there in all the media and duke it out on the issues, other people are going to keep landing hits on you.

As for myself, I hope that Ray Meier keeps up with his gawky communications. Raymond Meier is turning into the 24th District's very own Dan Quayle, and it's kind of fun to watch.


Norway said...

Meier doesn't have to come out of his house. He knows the GOP will throw money at him whether he puts on his shoes or stays in bed all day. He knows Arcuri can't beat him, despite A's Dem Lite bland meaning-less "moderate" stance. It's in his best interest to stay silent, do nothing, and wait for November.

24 Independent said...


I'd agree with your assessment, except that this silent strategy relies upon a general apathy and lack of criticism from the Democratic side.

Is it best for a Republican candidate to be silent while he's being used as a punching bag and exposed as a dangerous radical day after day?

Let's land some punches and find out, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Ray Meier sounds like Jim Seward lite

Anonymous said...

You have continued to bash Meier for not having a website, many times reffering to the "Hello, world" comment. Well, Ray's site is up and running, and very nice I may add. Don't you think it is only fair to announce this to your readers, or is that not part of your agenda?

24 Independent said...

Oh, that's hilarious, you anonymous Ray Meier defender!

You see, I already HAVE written an article letting readers here know that Ray Meier's campaign web site is up.

Hello, anonymous. Reading glasses coming soon?

Anonymous said...

Meier is a seriously scary candidate who acts like this is his seat.