Monday, April 03, 2006

Ray Meier - Clueless on Iraq

Poor Ray Meier. He can't seem to take a step without tripping over his shoelaces. You can tell Meier wants to be taken seriously, but he just can't seem to manage a grownup position on anything these days.

Consider the coverage Ray Meier got in the New York Times recently, describing his campaign for the Republican congressional nomination in the 24th district. It was Meier's shot at the big time, with national coverage, and potential donors looking to see what he was made of.

Oh, poor Raymond. He messed it up.

When the New York Times asked Ray Meier what in the world should be done about the Iraq War, Meier admitted that the war has become a huge liability for pro-war Republicans like himself. "People feel that they don't know what the plan or direction is for getting out of Iraq," Meier said, sheepishly.

Oh, but Mr. Meier did his best to come up with a solution to the problem. He straightened his back, squared his shoulders, and proposed the following policy for fixing the bloody mess in Iraq: Meier said that the government should have "a much more definitive discussion" aiming toward eventual "better articulated benchmarks", but quickly added that "People don't necessarily want to see a detailed timetable."

Things are getting worse in Iraq, with the country descending into a civil war with American soldiers right in the middle of it, and all Ray Meier can think of to say is that a bunch of people in business suits in Washington D.C. should sit down in a conference room somewhere and talk about "articulated benchmarks" and how to avoid a "detailed timetable".

That's not a plan for solving the disaster of the Iraq War. It's just more of the same mumbling, incoherent, timid babble we've been hearing coming out of politicians in Washington D.C. for years. Does Ray Meier really think that we want to hear more of this garbage?

Wake up, Ray. This is serious stuff. There's a war going on. You can't just follow your Internet strategy of putting on a happy face and giving us meaningless banter like "Hello, world! Coming Soon!"

We deserve straight talk on Iraq - not just some new Republican face telling us that we just need more of the same. If Ray Meier can't bother himself to get serious about grownup problems like the Iraq War, then he ought to drop out of the race.

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Anonymous said...

It seems Raymie has his web site up and running. Check out his answers to the issues and you will fall down on the floor laughing. He hasn't got a single clue what is really on the people's minds. He talks about energy and utility costs when right here in his own district as an entrenched senator he has done NOTHING NADA ZIP to address the wholesale screw job National Grid is performing on his constituents. He has never said a word publicly about it. In fact, he acts like there isn't even a problem. Then he "discusses" health care costs and once again he hasn't got a clue. Here's a guy in charge for years, a guy who could have made a difference and once again he did NOTHING to address the cost of health care policies in New York. Highest in the nation. I just bet Ray Meier hasn't got a clue what a deadly HMO costs an individual in his district. If he did, he would know nobody can afford it. Or maybe he does know and he just doesn't care, just like he doesn't care about the cranked up utility costs that are the highest in the nation. Best of all, he talks about the Iraq war like everything is jussssssst swell. When he talks about Jobs, he says he has to laugh about how others say they will create jobs. Well he is the biggest laugh of all. The jobs that come to his district are pissant service jobs that nobody can support a family on. If he should laugh at anybody he should laugh at himself. This guy is a horrible out of touch neocon hands off senator and he would be an even more horrible congressman. He has practically closed the doors on Oneida County. He has helped create one of the poorest districts in the state. And he seems rather proud of his "accomplishments" in that direction.