Friday, April 07, 2006

Michael Arcuri Discussion Forum Back Up

I'm glad to see that the Arcuri for Congress campaign has shown the good sense to get its discussion forum up, and still with the old comments that were there before the campaign took the forum down in panicky rush almost a month ago.

This move counters the pathetic refusal of Brad Jones and Ray Meier to put any discussion board or blog with discussion features on their campaign web sites. It also provides a good complement to the Les Roberts campaign blog, which has always provided the chance for open discussion after each article.

Yes, Leon, I'll mention you too. Leon Koziol still doesn't have a web site at all, though there is a student who wrote a pro-Koziol blog for a couple days before giving it up in favor of other distractions.

In honor of the wisdom of the Arcuri campaign's decision to open up their campaign online, I'll ask the question again here that I asked way back on the evening of Monday, March 13 - a question that, apparently, has been viewed over 30 times, but has yet to be answered.

"I'd like to know if there is any current of the member of the US House of Representatives that Mr. Arcuri can point to as a model for the kind of representative he would like to be. Knowing this would give us a concrete idea of what we can expect from a Congressman Arcuri."

Of course, no one but Michael Arcuri can answer that question. The question for this board, instead, is: What member of the House of Representatives would we most like to see Michael Arcuri emulate?


Anonymous said...

First of all, there is no link to it from his homepage or site at all. Second, it still doesn't have all of the original posts. Evene the original abortion question was deleted.

Anonymous said...

... and third nobody seems interested in this anyhow. For the big deal you've made out of having a board on a site, why doesn't anyone use them?

Even this site, which is well written and well done, gets the same two or three people posting on it. I think the reality is that the people of this district simply do not use the Internet.

24 Independent said...

Anonymous, you've answered your own question. People aren't using that discussion board because the Arcuri campaign has provided no link to it... and the only time that the Arcuri campaign was willing actually respond to anybody and provide information was when I asked them how to best send them a donation.

As for this blog, I happen to know that people from all three active Democratic campaigns check it regularly - as did people from Bruce Tytler's campaign, while that was still active.

They argue here because they recognize that the Internet is important. I won't deny that many voters are apathetic, and certainly many voters are not heavy Internet users.

I'd place a lot of money on the bet, however, that the very same voters who are most likely to turn out for the primary election, and the very same voters who are most likely to spread enthusiasm about a campaign by word of mouth, are those who are most likely to be heavy Internet users.

In the end, we'll see if it matters, but keep in mind in the meantime that YOU came here and got involved. That means something.

Thanks for the complement on the blog, I really do appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask all the Democrat candidates this question? Are you already accepting Arcuri as the Democratic candidate?