Sunday, April 02, 2006

Little Consensus on Most Important Issue for 24th District Race

So far, the poll of readers here about what they regard as the the most important issue in New York's 24th District congressional campaign is not revealing any patterns.

There are some votes for the Iraq War, some for the economy, some for health care, and even some for the land claims dispute. Ending the Republican majority in Congress and the federal budget deficit got some attention too, but no single issue stands out.

Perhaps the question that Michael Arcuri, Les Roberts, Leon Koziol, Ray Meier and Brad Jones ought to be asking themselves is not what the most important issue of this campaign is, but instead, whether the voters yet have gathered in any coherent manner around any particular issues at all?

The dominant frame of this district's congressional race has yet to be established. That's a great opportunity - for any candidate with enough organization and strategic creativity to take advantage of it.

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Anonymous said...

If that's the case, then the important question is this: Which issue will be most effective against the Republican meme?

That is NOT, by the way, the same at all as asking which issue will appeal to swing voters the most.

I think these swing voters are a big legendary monster like Nessie.