Friday, March 31, 2006

Poll: Les Roberts Ahead of Mike Arcuri

Yesterday, I put a new poll up on this blog, asking readers "Which Democratic candidate would do a better job in Congress?" You can see this poll over on the left hand side of the Take Back New York's 24th blog. The question is not, you will note, about which candidate someone supports, or which candidate will win the Democratic congressional nomination for New York's 24th congressional district. The question was worded to get to the essence of what people think about the relative quality of the two Democratic congressional candidates.

late march poll congress 24th district arcuri

So far, it looks like Les Roberts has a substantial lead over Michael Arcuri. A 28-point spread is hard to argue with.

What accounts for this degree of support for Les Roberts? Well, the early online presence of the Roberts for Congress campaign surely didn't hurt, and Arcuri's late start both online and offline doesn't appear to have helped him. Stealth campaigns are simply often invisible to voters, and that's not really very sneaky in the end.

It also appears that Bruce Tytler's supporters, who have made strong showings in other online polls about New York's 24th district congressional race, are probably going over to the Les Roberts camp. The only other explanation is that the Les Roberts campaign is picking up new support, while the Mike Arcuri for Congress campaign is stagnating.


The more people vote, the worse things are getting for Michael Arcuri. The poll, as it now stands is:

Michael Arcuri: 28 percent
Les Roberts: 60 percent
Don't know enough: 3 percent
Plan to vote Republican: 10 percent

That puts Les Roberts at more that twice the level of support as Mike Arcuri.


Anonymous said...

I have NO question that Les Roberts will be a better Congressman. Anyone who listens to them understands that. I do wonder if Roberts can win the primary election. Arcuri seems really strong in Oneida. Despite this blogs notions that Oneida will not win the election, it is important. I was glad to read that Roberts is getting support from local groups. We need Congressman like Les Roberts. We have come to expect too little of our elected officials. Roberts seems to have incredible experiences that I would be proud to have representing me.

Anonymous said...

you need to qualify this poll.