Saturday, March 25, 2006

News Flash for Oneida Democrats

Here's a quick Saturday afternoon news flash for Oneida County Democrats who believe that Michael Arcuri can win the Democratic nomination just by sitting comfortably on his political connections in his home county: The large majority of New York's 24th District Democrats do NOT live in Oneida County.

Percentage of 24th District Democrats living in Oneida County: 30.9

Do the math now... Yes, that's 69.1 percent of Democrats in the 24th District who have no particular history with Michael Arcuri and the Oneida Democrats.

The oft-repeated claim that a Democrat can't win the nomination in the 24th District without winning Oneida County is not even close to being true.

It's time for the Utica Democrats to come out of their cave and deal with the district as a whole. It's a big district, folks.


Anonymous said...

The Oneida Democrats and the DCCC don't need you.

24 Independent said...

That's fine with me. I don't need the Oneida County Democrats and the DCCC.

Facts are facts. Utica Democrats and Oneida County Democrats are just a minority among all Democrats in this district. They like to pretend that they're bigger than they are.

Anonymous said...

first, I am just curious as to how that is relevent to democrats taking back the 24th.

Second, I think you are getting the wrong impression of who Oneida county dems are (I am not one, Herkimer county, I'm that one person). Really when it comes down to it we are all democrats with the same wants and desires for our district. We want democrats to take back this district, this state, and the Congress. However, assumptions and lables about an entire group of democrats is not necessary. I am sure that any candidate in this race would tell you that. The fact is that whoever wins will need all counties, and all democrats for both the primary and the general. So, can't we all just put this to bed and work together to win back the 24th. After all, that is in every democrats interest in this district; no matter if you are from trumansburg or utica.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how the DCCC and the Oneida Dems get lumped together. The last time I checked, the DCCC is not a puppet of the Oneida County Dems (or vice-versa). From talking with the various campaigns, it appears that multiple campaigns are getting support from the DCCC on a regular basis. I think the key point in this discussion is being missed - all Democrats need to stick together to win this seat. That does not mean we all have to pick the same candidate to support. It just means we have to be fair to all the candidates and fair to all 11 counties in the district. I do not live in Oneida County and would like to believe that even if Oneida County does not believe they need this blog, they still believe that they need my vote. If we alienate each other in the primary, we can all sit together and watch the Republicans keep the House next year.

Anonymous said...

But you aren't running for Congress now are you? The Democrats who are running need to face facts. The DCCC has picked a candidate and he's Mike Arcuri. The money they will pour into the district will tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

the dccc won't give any money though until after the primary though

Anonymous said...

"They like to pretend that they're bigger than they are."

When is the last time that someone outside of Onieda County won this seat?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to read that last post.

"When is the last time that someone outside of Onieda County won this

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it has been something like 60 years since a Democrat one this seat, but it is at least 24 years. The Oneida County candidates do not seem to be doing so well, do they?

So...maybe we shouldn't be asking that question. Maybe we should be asking why we keep nominating the same type of candidates - those who lose. We need to nominate a strong candidate. If that candidate comes from Oneida County, fine. If not, that IS FINE too.

I use to work in Washington on the Hill and have worked on campaigns before. I am a bit surprised to hear that the DCCC has endorsed Mike Arcuri and is going to put money towards him already. But, who knows. This is a new DCCC under a new DNC chairman. So, tomorrow morning I am going to call the DCCC and ask them. I will write back to this blog tomorrow with the answer I get from them.

My suggestion though - I've been through a LOT of races before. These things turn on a dime. A week ago, we did not even know if the incumbent was running. Let's give this race at least a couple months to shape up before each candidates' supporters get carried away with big claims. Most of my neighbors have never heard of ANY of the candidates. There is a LONG way to go.

Anonymous said...

the DCCC will not give money to anybody until after the primary is over. that would be unfair.

Simon St.Laurent said...

When is the last time that someone outside of Onieda County won this seat?

For some parts of the district, being in a district that includes Oneida County is new. A lot of Tompkins County was in Maurice Hinchey's district until 2002, and Gary Lee of Dryden/Varna was in congress for a while....

No know. dependency on Oneida County here.

Biggus Dickus said...

the DCCC will not give money to anybody until after the primary is over. that would be unfair.

Far better to declare him the anointed one before the primary. 'Cause that's more fair. Or something.

Your friend forever,
Biggus Dickus