Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bruce Tytler on Sherwood Boehlert

Earlier today, I wrote an article examining the praise of Sherwood Boehlert given by both Michael Arcuri and Les Roberts after Boehlert's announcement that he would retire from the House of Representatives. Well, Democratic congressional candidate Bruce Tytler has also made his own statement about the retirement announcement of Sherwood Boehlert last week:

"I would personally like to thank Congressman Boehlert for his many years of service to my hometown district. No matter how much a candidate may differ in his views on leadership and direction of our nation, they both have a vested interest in the benefit on the common good.

Now I believe it is time for me to work for the people of Central New York. Our problems simply cannot be solved by tax policy adjustments and changes; we need reforms on how our children are educated and our approach to job growth. Rising healthcare costs and the high price of heating oil have left behind those of our citizens on a fixed income.

I see a future for our district, our state and our nation that does not force the people to choose between food on their tables, their much needed medicines and paying to heat their homes. It is in the spirit of hope and prosperity for all, that I will serve our district."

One can note here a much more restrained praise for Boehlert coming from Tytler than from either Roberts or Arcuri. Although Tytler remains polite, praise for "years of service" is damningly faint indeed - equivalent to an award for attendance. If praise must be given, and it probably must, this is the formal, yet minimal, way in which it ought to be expressed.

The formal nod to the past has been given. Now, let us move on to the real meat of the campaign: The issues.


jim said...

I contacted someone close to the Arcuri campaign about the Message Forum and this is the written response I received:

"The Message Forum has been temporarily removed from the website. It was done reluctantly because Mike most certainly wants a free exchange of ideas. But he also is still a sitting District Attorney... and is responsible for the integrity of the office. He does not want his campaign website being used by disgruntled individuals to undermine the integrity of the office. Until we figure out how to handle that, the message board will be down. I respect him for that: he is willing to take a hit politically because his greater concern is protecting an important public office"

The original post accusing him of a variety of things was the one of concern not your post about abortion. This person also told me that they do plan on bringing the forum back up as soon as they can resolve that issue.

As far as his abortion position I was told by that same person that he is pro-choice. You may not believe me and I respect that, but you should know that according this person the Observer-Dispatch will run a piece sometime soon, probably this Sunday on a variety of the candidates positions including abortion. I am told that those include:

Iraq, Bush Tax Cuts, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Wire Tapping, Stem Cell Research, and Gun Control. That alone should make for interesting discussions next week considering that I believe most or all of the candidates will respond to these questions (at least they should respond if they want people to know who they are and what they stand for).

Thanks for your patience, if you want to know things in the future I will try to find out as much as I can.

24 Independent said...

Jim, I'd like to believe you, but if what you're saying is true, then why was that first message on abortion specifically deleted - and deleted days before the rest of the Arcuri campaign discussion forum was deleted?

We need straight answers on this stuff. If only the Arcuri people would talk to the public openly, this wouldn't be a problem.

Publius1776 said...

well i think this is the kind of dodge and duck we can expect from the likes of mike arcuri. looks like rahm is off his game.

Heir2theFramers76 said...

I don't think this was restrained at all. Tytler thanked Boehlert for choosing not to be fuedal lord over the 24th district anymore, and moved onto the issues that face our district. I think this might be what we need representing our district in congress.