Monday, March 20, 2006

Arcuri Web Forum Still Down, Fundraiser Going Strong

Here's a good indication of priorities of the Arcuri for Congress campaign:

It's days now after the discussion forum was removed from the Arcuri for Congress campaign web site. That discussion was removed after repeated questions from constituents about what Arcuri's position on abortion is.

Arcuri's friends in the Oneida County Democratic Committee are insisting it's all just a little web glitch. A little web glitch that hasn't been repaired in 4 days. A little web glitch in a discussion board that was working just fine. A little web glitch that came after the Arcuri campaign deleted a question asking Arcuri about his position on abortion.

Oh, that's some glitch. I guess the Arcuri campaign has been working on that glitch full time, to get the Democratic grassroots voters of the 24th district the opportunity to be heard again.

Well, maybe not full time.

It seems that, while those questions about Michael Arcuri and abortion were left deleted, the Arcuri campaign had the time to issue two press releases over the weekend, one of which was for a big fundraising reception to be held three days from now.

Do you want to get in to that reception to try to ask Michael Arcuri a question? Well, then, pay up: Tickets to get in cost $65.

Priorities: Delete relevant questions from grassroots voters, and let that "glitch" keep on going, but above all else, don't let that fundraiser for Democrats who are willing to pay to have Michael Arcuri's ear fall by the wayside!

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