Wednesday, February 22, 2006

WKRT and More Liberal Poll on 24th District Congress Race

One of the readers of this blog has castigated me for offering a link over to WKRT, which is, apparently, a conservative radio station in Cortland. Let me just observe that, until this morning, there was no other online poll about the 24th District's congressional campaign. Well, now you can go over to New York Liberal's poll and participate there.

So far, the New York Liberal poll is neck and neck between Bruce Tytler and Les Roberts - with no other votes for either Leon Koziol or Michael Arcuri. Arcuri and Koziol fans, it's time for you to join in the fray and speak up for your candidates.

If WKRT is, in fact, a conservative haven, then it's even more dramatic that Les Roberts is doing so well over there. It seems that the Republican voters in the 24th District are not strongly motivated by either Sherwood Boehlert or Brad Jones. This suggests that there is open territory for another Republican to enter the race and knock both Boehlert and Jones out.

An update on the WKRT poll (we have to take our information from where it comes - I see nothing from WNYY):

- Les Roberts: Up to 46%
- Sherwood Boehler: Down to 21%
- Bruce Tytler: Up to 12%
- Brad Jones: Down to 11%
- Mike Arcuri: Down to 10%


24 Independent said...

Update: Les Roberts has now gained even more ground - he's at 47%.

The other candidates clearly lack the tools to channel voters' enthusiasm online.

Anonymous said...

Most online polls are about as scientific as 'intelligent design' and are easily manipulated, so don't give them too seriously.

Anonymous said...

aronymous - apparently Bruce Tytler's campaign is incapable of getting any support to manipulate the poll. Bruce is down to 5% this morning and it's a Cortland based station. Mike Arcuri has overwhelmed it. A handful of democrats doesn't constitute a Congressional quality campaign. You are inept it appears.

Anonymous said...

There's an "unscientific" poll and Tytler didn't jump on board? Oh man, Tytler's campaign failed to suit up and manipulate it. Thank you for exposing this candidate for the honest s.o.b. that he is.

Anonymous said...

Tytler's campaign can't find more than a handful of folks to go vote at the WKRT site. He has no depth of support.

Not only that, but his campaign hasn't even amended his candidacy filing to have him running in the 24th instead of the 29th District.

Anonymous said...

Wow. picking at dry bones there anonymous. you have to wait until the next filing period before you can amend the form. look it up before you insert your foot into your large mouth.

Anonymous said...

9:37 am anonymous - you've got less than 30 days to get this Form 2 amended to include the information you screwed up and forgot to include about the candidate's personal spending. You have been reading your mail haven't you?

Amend it to correct the District then. The FEC requires an amendment be made whenever the campaign discovers an error. Go read the candidate's guide online like the rest of the public.

Don't compound your error by ignoring it. Which law school did you get a degree from again?

Anonymous said...

Tytler keeps writing and the FEC keeps ignoring him. He needs to attack government waste and ineffeciency by pointing out the FEC can't fix his error. He's still an official candidate in the 29th District. I sure hope he gets it fixed before Election Day because he won't be on the ballot if he doesn't.