Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unscientific Poll Shows Les Roberts Ahead

Over at the web site for WKRT, an AM radio station out of Cortland, they've put a poll up online

It's an unscientifc poll, but it does give a general indication of the status of the different campaigns, and it provides yet another confirmation for my previous assessment that, at least for now, Les Roberts is the Democratic frontrunner in the primary race. Heck, as this poll shows it, Les Roberts may be on the path to becoming the frontrunner in the general election. Here are the results as they stand this morning:

Les Roberts - 44%
Sherwood Boehlert - 22%
Brad Jones - 12%
Bruce Tytler - 12%
Michael Arcuri - 11%

To go ahead and take the poll yourself, scroll down the screen on the column on the left hand side and click on the name of your favored candidate.

If you're feeling kind of poll-happy, you might want to go over and participate in yet another 24th District congressional poll which appears to have been started over at New York Liberal early this morning on their discussion board. So far, there's one vote for Bruce Tytler. Way to go, Bruce.

The WKRT poll, though unscientific, shows what kind of force a web site can play in the campaign. WKRT listeners will hear that Les Roberts is winning the poll. People who visit the WKRT web site will see how much support Les Roberts appears to have - even if the poll is dramatically unrepresentative of the district's Democrats as a whole (and we just don't know if it is or not). So, Les Roberts will, in yet another way, take on the appearance of the strongest candidate in the pack.

Why did this happen? Well, the fact that the Les Roberts campaign site linked in to the poll over at WKRT didn't hurt things. Josh Lozman, the campaign manager for Les Roberts, wrote a quick blog entry yesterday mentioning the poll to campaign supporters. At that point, apparently, Sherwood Boehlert was ahead of Les Roberts by just a few votes. Now, thanks to the heavy traffic from the Les Roberts campaign blog, Sherwood Boehlert has been left in the dust.

That's not a scientific representation of district Democratic opinion, but it is a significant demonstration of campaign power. Michael Arcuri, Bruce Tytler and Leon Koziol don't have campaign web sites, so they cannot alert their supporters to the existence of online campaign happenings like this WKRT poll.

What other opportunities are these campaigns missing?

Well, Les Roberts supporters know where there candidate will be, and when he will be there. They know where he has been. What do Arcuri supporters know? What do Tytler supporters know? Not much. That doesn't make supporters feel very good.

So, come on readers. If you're a supporter of Bruce Tytler, Michael Arcuri, or Leon Koziol, get your butts on over to the WKRT poll or to the New York Liberal poll, and put in a vote for your candidate. You've got a lot of catching up to do, but for now, this blog is the closest thing that you have to a campaign site for your candidate.

Oh, but Koziol supporters - you'll notice that WKRT doesn't even bother to list Leon Koziol as a candidate. That's not a good sign.


Anonymous said...

WKRT is right wing radio. Supporters of Les and the other Democratic candidates shouldn't boost a station that features Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity,and Michael Savage by calling attention to it.

Anonymous said...

First, Leon Koziol is not a candidate. If he were a candidate, he would be registered with the FEC.

Second, attacking the radio station as right wing is a pretty pathetic defense of an inability by Tytler supporters to muster votes in a web poll at a Cortland radio station.

It certainly appears that Bruce Tytler's campaign is struggling. Perhaps if he embraced liberalism he could find a competent web designer in Cortland.

Anonymous said...

I just got up to use the bathroom and took a quick peek. Arcuri's campaign apparently figured out how to notify their people, as has Boehlert's. They are one and two now. Tytler is insignificant and this is his hometown radio station.

This whole thing is a good metaphor for the Tytler campaign. No traction. Dead before it even begins. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Tytler now leads in the New York Liberal poll. Which leads us back to the question of whether it was Tytler or Arcuri who you referenced in an earlier blog when talking about a candidate who was afraid to be identified as a liberal. Have you spoken with these two gentlemen lately? Can you clear up that question you left unanswered?