Saturday, February 11, 2006

Squelching a Rumor - Tytler is not in the 29th

Sharks circle quickly around the smallest amount of blood in the water. Sometimes, though, that blood is just a splash of cranberry juice from a passing cruise ship.

So it was that, this morning, an anonymous reader - supporting which campaign? - of this blog pointed out that the FEC is listing Bruce Tytler as a candidate in New York State's 29th District, not the 24th District, where is announcing his campaign this very weekend.

Could it be that Bruce Tytler is such an idiot that he doesn't even know which congressional district he's running in? What a shocking bit of news that would be.

Well, prepare yourselves to be... not very shocked.

I checked up on Bruce Tytler's paperwork for the FEC myself, and he made no mistake. As the picture below shows, Bruce Tytler filled in the correct district number: 24. It was some number cruncher at the FEC who made the mistake, and got Tytler listed under the 29th District.

Bruce Tytler campaign filing FEC mistake

This mistake ought to provoke second thoughts in the minds of those people who think that the FEC can be trusted with electronic voting machines that don't have a paper trail to verify that votes are being counted correctly.


Anonymous said...

HA, trust the FEC, oh 24 Democrat you're funny.

Anonymous said...

Now, I see the problem. Tytler's campaign appears to be using an old SCM typewriter to fill out the forms. Thanks for the scan!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you are wrong. Tytler filed his personal statement of candidacy and named the 29th District.


24 Independent said...

You know what? You're right. I was looking at another form that Tytler filed with the FEC, but missed this one. I'll post a revision right away.