Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Promise and a Prod to the 24th District Democratic Candidates

Look, this whole web site thing is getting silly. It's almost March now, and two of the three serious Democratic candidates for the 24th District seat have yet to get even a simple campaign web site up. Honestly, it's not hard to do. I know that Bruce Tytler and Michael Arcuri have full time jobs that make it hard for them to campaign, but it shouldn't take more than a weekend to set a simple web site that gives basic information about the candidate, provides contact information for those who want to get involved, and has a link that people can use to donate money to the campaign.

There is no good excuse for these candidates to wait so long to develop this basic tool for voter communication. If they're so slow on their feet in the primary campaign, what hope do they have against incumbent Sherwood Boehlert?

This is not the norm for primary campaigns. Over in the Hudson Valley, District 19, there are 5 Democratic candidates for Congress. Each and every one of them has a campaign web site up, and has had a web site up for weeks.

I've been asking the Arcuri for Congress and Tytler for Congress campaigns to get their web sites up for weeks, with no response on their parts. So, now I will add a prod and a promise to my plea.

I have made a 500 dollar donation to the Les Roberts 2006 campaign. That's not an endorsement. It's a reward for being responsible to the voters and getting a web site up.

I'd like to give the same financial reward to the Arcuri and Tytler campaigns, but I can't, because they're not online. There's nothing to reward.

If Bruce Tytler or Michael Arcuri can get their campaign web site online this week, I will send a 500 dollar donation to their campaigns. That's $500 to each campaign, not just 500 dollars split between the two of them.

If Tytler and Arcuri wait until next week to get their web sites up, the reward goes down to 400 dollars. The week after that, it's 300 dollars. The week after that, the reward goes down 200 dollars. For one week after that, I will send 100 dollars.

If Bruce Tytler and Mike Arcuri cannot get their campaign web sites up in that time, they get no money from me at all.

Why am I willing to do this? It's the same reason I write this blog. I want to be represented by a Democrat in the House of Representatives. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, and support Democratic candidates who have a chance in hell.

If Bruce Tytler and Mike Arcuri don't get off their behinds and start running like mad, they don't have a chance in hell. This isn't just about capturing the Democratic nomination. It's about taking on a very powerful Republican machine.

You can't jog your way into Congress. You've got to push like hell. Arcuri and Tytler are not pushing right now. They're strolling, and it drives me crazy to watch them acting this way.

The Democrats of the 24th District deserve nothing less than a 100 percent effort. So, Mr. Arcuri and Mr. Tytler, the carrot has been placed in front of you. Now make like good bunnies and run, will you?

Think of it as a challenge grant.


Anonymous said...

I know Bruce Tytler has been calling around for thousand dollar contributions but I don't hear of much success. He probably doesn't have the money to spend on a website. It's obvious he doesn't have the organization since his support in the WKRT poll is down to 5%. Apparently he has nobody to even go and vote there. Tytler and Roberts are three votes each in the NY Liberal poll. It's looking like a shell campaign.

Mike Arcuri's people were able to overwhelm the WKRT poll overnight so there is more depth to his support and organization than the lack of a website might indicate.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic that these two candidates can't get it up ... a website, that is. :)

Anonymous said...

Clever idea blogger and an excellent prod. Any information on what web sites cost? Seems to me it would be fairly easy but I'm no expert.

Anonymous said...


While Les Roberts has his site up, it's not complete on issues. I have no idea where Arcuri or Tytler stand either.

I have four basic issues I'd like to see each address.

On abortion, I simply want to know they are basically pro-choice and aren't going to pander to the right.

On education, the country is being screwed by a cumbersome and costly method of financing secondary education that simply puts us at a competitive disadvantage to the other expanding and continuing high level economies of the world - it's not in our national interest to have it continue as a huge personal burden to afford secondary education.

On Iraq and the "war on terror", I don't want an endless life of war and fear. How are you going to draw it to a close and quickly?

On the economy, how to you propose returning to a more equitable distribution of income, like the time shortly after WWII, while maintaining the advantages of competition?

Put up a website and get the answers on it boys. If you can't do that, please don't expect any support from the voters. Yes, we're sick to death of the failed policies of the right and we want to try progressive policies instead. No, don't expect to get the votes of the right in your general election quest.

I haven't made up my mind who I will support because you haven't shown me enough.

Anonymous said...

Bruce's site is up and running for the most part at